A United World among America and all other Nations is Paramount in the Fight for Truth, Liberty, and Transparency against the New World Order

14/03/2013 13:16

In the first part of a new Meme changing series, Evan Batterton takes on the false media myth of hatred towards the U.S.

By Evan Batterton (GNC Contributor)


A simple Google search of world opinion on the United States paints a very grim picture of how the world feels about the U.S. and its people. Although the internet is a great place to search specific pieces of information, like poll results, parts of an anatomy, or a recipe for ethnic Hungarian dinner staples, it is hardly a good representation of how the entire world feels about America.  There are a great number of people all over the world that despise Americans and there a great deal of Americans that despise people all over the World.  Is this an absolute irrefutable truth that hate is the absolute governing emotion in the world that allows the Elite of society to march up the wide road paved in gold, to their throne built high into the heavens, where they can sit and rule us because we have been successfully divided, deceived and conquered?  The answer is, NO!  Speaking only for myself I can say that there are many people from all over the world and of every color, shape and size that I would proudly stand side by side with in opposition against an Elite group of men and women that would seek to enslave the world through debt or hard labor.

The Illuminati Method of World Division 

The Illuminati is failing in its mission to totally divide the people of the world.  Through social media and the internet those of us that are awakened are raising the conscious awareness of the masses.  Proper dialogue between those of us that fight for the cause, via peace and free information, and those that are reluctant to let go of a very carefully constructed perception of reality, is paramount in maintaining a civil relationship that will hopefully ripen into a situation that allows for the once confused, to have their very own epiphanies. Then, for the new paradigm to be accepted openly and without question by those of us that have waited long, patiently, yet faithfully.  I have friends via social media from all over the world and they all speak out against the Elite as fervently and defiantly as my fellow Americans. This is the reality. From every corner of the world, people are trying to help Americans in the war on consciousness. The mainstream Meme, that says the world hates the US, just isn't true. It is just more propaganda, to make us afraid and to fall into the trap, of seeing America as "the Bad Guy". This is just more Divide & Conquer tactics, to keep the people fighting amongst each other, and we are not buying it.

The Defiant Subjects under the Military Might of the Ruling Class

It is a firm belief of mine, a belief that I grasp onto with great pride and vigor, that the resistance across the world depends on and fixes its eye on the delegation and various factions of rebels in the United States for many reasons. The most popular being inspiration.  The U.S. has the largest prison population in the entire world and houses over 2.5 million inmates while only containing roughly 5% of the entire world's population, yet resisters here in the States show no fear, and they will place an inspirational visage on the their faces. Not just to hide their identities, but to draw inspiration and strength from the various totems of freedom, and then the resistors either take to the streets, or cyber space. They take to the physical streets by quickly making their presence felt. With a willingness to experience the unjust practices of the dull and brutal authoritarian enforcers of the elite. All the while the rest of the American movement, the true representatives of our movement right here in the States, not the “wanna-be” kids that stick with their safe mantra of, “next time,” but the real deals that aren’t afraid to make huge yet non-violent impacts, such as becoming human walls and shields, target practice for tasers and sparing partners that don’t even swing back. They’ll even uncover when being hit with a stick, just to prove that sometimes one pain, can lessen the pain of something else. 

What our corporate bankers, their mouth piece puppet politicians, and jackboot enforcers fail to realize each and every time is that every beating caught on tape makes us braver, more determined and adds to our ranks.   Then we employ our own weapons which are far more effective than pepper, electricity, and sticks.  We possess and use, razor sharp wits, powerful blunt rhetoric, knowledge developed by self education and the means to transmit this all over the world on social media. We have in effect, all become citizen journalists. Maybe this was inevitable, once the mainstream stopped doing their jobs, we had to do it ourselves. This is just another example of how their plans backfire all the time, and people power is unstoppable.

Americans are not always Reflections of the Leadership

America is essentially run by two parties that continue to perpetuate this system, to keep the public divided against one another.  The resistance does not fall into the trap of the left versus right paradigm and instead vehemently rejects the notion of belonging to one of the two fallacy “parties.” There are many that believe that there are certain leaders that are exceptions to the this rule and the resistance and awakened individuals in America, lead by action, and exercise great caution before placing too much faith in any man or woman ,that claims to hold the best interests of the people at heart.

Those outside of the US, see the American peoples plight as part of their own journey for freedom.  They know that the US population has been subject to the most ruthless mind control and other insidious tactics, and have been very vocal in pointing out these, sometimes, uncomfortable truths.

America Stands with Her Brothers and Sisters from around the World to Take the World Back from Evil

The entire world from the Japan, Palestine, the European Union, North America, the 3rd World, and everywhere in between are all in need of each other.  America needs the world and the world needs America.  We can make this psychopathic system obsolete, by non-violent non-compliance, proper education, peaceful parenting and a paradigm shift in the way we all treat each other. No longer will we fall for the old divide and conquer tactics...Americans, you have much more support than you think, and it is about time this was seen as the reality, instead of the false Fear+Hate Meme portrayed by the Mainstream Media.

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