Anonymous calls for reports after they published 41 Pedophile groups on Facebook

14/03/2013 23:15

Anonymous is making a stand in #opScareCrow on Facebook against pedophile pages that contain under-aged sexually suggestive content. The list contains 41 Facebook profiles / groups and pages that contain under-aged sexually suggestive content. 

Anonymous has named this operation #opScareCrow and is asking everyone on Facebook to report the listed Facebook domains

  1. hXXps://
  2. hXXps://
  3. hXXps://
  4. hXXps://
  5. hXXps://
  6. hXXps://
  7. hXXps://
  8. hXXps://
  9. hXXps://
  10. hXXps://
  11. hXXps://
  12. hXXps://
  13. hXXps:// hXXps:// hXXps://
  14. hXXps://
  15. hXXps://
  16. hXXps://
  17. hXXps://
  18. hXXps://
  19. hXXps://
  20. hXXps://
  21. hXXps://
  22. hXXps://
  23. hXXps:// hXXps://
  24. hXXps://
  25. hXXps://
  26. hXXps://
  27. hXXps://
  28. hXXps:// hXXps://
  29. hXXps://
  30. hXXps:// hXXps:// hXXps://
  31. hXXps:// hXXps://
  32. hXXps://
  33. hXXps://
  34. hXXps://
  35. hXXps://
  36. hXXps://
  37. hXXps:// hXXps://
  38. hXXps://
  39. hXXps://
  40. hXXps:// hXXps://
  41. hXXps://

The AnonPaste file can be found here.

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