Brutal Repression of Students in UK Amid Mainstream Media Blackout

08/12/2013 21:33

UK students protesting corporate attacks against their rights to education, control over their universities, and freedom of expression were brutally repressed by the British police in cooperation with university officials.

Sussex ASN ‏@SussexASN25m: “#nuspolicylive Abolish the MET and then abolish yourselves. #copsoffcampus


Security pull on the legs of one of the occupiers. Photo: Oscar Webb,

An independent network of over 100 students occupied the headquarters of the University of London at Senate House, demanding that ”the University of London Union (ULU) remain in student hands – democratically run by students – and has its block grant returned, that all outsourced workers at the university are awarded a pension, that the ULU oppose the privatization of student loans, and that the financial statements of the University’s academic departments and non-academic services be published so that they can be scrutinized so that the University’s decisions can be properly held to account by the community.”


Occupiers barricaded themselves in the building’s main management corridor. Photo: Oscar Webb,

They demanded free access to the occupation and senate house for students and staff, with the exception of senior management. (Here is their entire list of demands).

Police acting like “like brainwashed military thugs”

Hours later, with no injunction, eviction order, or warning being granted, Met police and university security troops stormed into the building, attacking occupiers and bystanders.

Huw Lemmey @spitzenprodukte: “Major police violence reported in Senate House foyer: kicking and beating students at random.”


A police officer pins down a protester, who was later arrested. Photo: Oscar Webb,

In this picture, which went viral on social media, cops laugh next to the blood of a student, whose head they had smashed on the ground.

@howardsaid copsoffcampus

@howardsaid #copsoffcampus

David Graeber @davidgraeber: “Major police violence reported in Senate House foyer: kicking and beating students at random. “


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