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14/01/2014 18:04

Posted by Activis

Welcome to the Common Ground Movement. This CGM_StarterPacket is full of useful information to anyone wanting to get more involved. Inside, you will find several folders designed to help you start a local Common Ground Team in your area including eBooks, videos, graphics, tactics, ways to organize locally, and contact information for your Regional CGM Coordinator. This is an ever evolving packet that is updated with new graphics and tactics, so be sure to check back here for later releases.

Sample from The CGM Symbol Explained -
The Common Ground is something that must be found if we are ever able to move forward, and break out of this current paradigm we are in. When we can move past the false left/right dichotomies that are cultivating this divide and conquer society, and learn to work together on the things that matter, people will once again realize that they are still have the power to determine how their country, and their lives, are governed.

At it's largest level, the national level, the Common Ground Movement symbol is a visual representation of a decentralized society; many different communities coming together, all unified under one common idea (the circle) of cooperation based on the Non Aggression Principle. The regional level is the coordination between the different regions of the country (the outer dots), and how one region's tactics, strategies, and modes of operation (the lines) may be different than another's based on the needs for that particular region, but they still ultimately reach the same goals (the central dot), within the same unifying idea (the circle).

At the local level, there are Common Ground Teams being set up in cities all across the US. These teams have their finger on the pulse of their cities. They know what organizations are involved with which causes, and the best point of contact for each. They are showing up to rallies/marches and being put to work as volunteers. They assist with the organizing and logistics of events. As a CGM Team, it is their duty to be the "facilitators" and "connectors" between each of these organizations. As long as the organization resonates with the

Common Ground ideas -
1. No more wars of aggression.
2. End the surveillance state, and the militarization of the police.
3. End the corrupt political and financial systems.

and the Rules of Engagement -
1. Stick to non-violent tactics.
2. Don't inject wedge issues.
3. No targeting groups or individuals based on race, religion etc...

then we want to do everything in our power to make their event/march/rally a complete success. Whether its handing out flyers and promotion, showing up and volunteering for a few hours, or just being another warm body to hold a sign for a cause, the CGM Teams are the lines, the organizations are the dots, and the Common Ground is the circle unifying them all together.

At the individual level, and this is arguably the most important (not everyone will join a CGM Team, but this is the level that everyone must agree to if we are to effect permanent change on a massive scale), it is about YOU being those outer dots, and coming together with people of different ideologies, beliefs, backgrounds, and thought processes under a Common Ground banner based on the CGM Principles. If you agree to those 3 simple affirmations, then you already are a "Common Grounder" and now its just a matter of finding others that agree as well. All of the other divisive stuff can be sorted out later, because right now we have bigger problems to solve. When enough people connect and stand together, the movement will grow and be an unstoppable force for peace, justice, equality, and truth for all.

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