Changing Perceptions

16/06/2014 03:49

Our ability to recognize someone as either male or female is absolutely fundamental to our ability to interact with them. To see one of the deepest aspects of our identities, we have to go outside ourselves to the messages that surround us. Every society has to have a story about happiness... of how we can become happy, what we should strive for to be happy. If you set up 5 different accounts, from 5 different geographic areas, on different genders, on different ages, with different preferences... you will see 5 different ads... you will see 5 different worlds. What's amazing when you look at Disney movies over the years... is how little the image of females really change. If we take this broader view of media violence, we can see that significantly reducing violence involves much more than simply stopping young boys from playing violent video games or watching violent movies. It's really hard to find baby paraphernalia that's not plastered with media characters.

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