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NATIONAL SECURITY & CLIMATE CHANGE: 6.26.08 Hearing . NEW REPORT 4/21/10 House of Commons
BBC News Report Climate Security 2030 Report!!! out of Washington DC MUST SEE govenment
Geo-engineering The shield of Ra:
Of all these "whacky-but-workable" theories the one that has perhaps generated the most interest, both in terms of scientific plausibility and practical implementation, is that of
solar reflection.
The basic concept is the same as that underpinning the "white roads" idea -- the development of a technology that can reflect a proportion of the sun's radiation away from the earth's surface and back out into space, thereby cooling the atmosphere and slowing, or even reversing the damaging effects of global climate change.
Several models have been put forward as to how such a feat of "geo-engineering" might actually be achieved, most involving the positioning of a reflective shield of some sort out in space.
As early as 1989, for instance, in an article entitled "Space-based Solar Shield to Offset Greenhouse Effect," James T. Early of the Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory, California, proposed siting a vast, 2000 km-wide glass deflecting panel at the "inner Lagrange point" between the Earth and the sun, the latter diverting the sun's rays away from the Earth's atmosphere.
Similarly in 1992 the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) put forward the idea of launching 55,000 "solar sails" into orbit around the Earth, each with an area of 100 square kilometers, the sails collectively producing the same effect as Early's single glass panel.
Other "space shield" proposals have included the establishment of a
cloud of miniature reflective parasols -- each just 60 cms in diameter -- to shade the Earth from the sun; and the creation of an artificial planetary ring around the Earth composed of passive particles.
While computer-modeling has shown all of these options to be essentially viable, they would nonetheless be technologically complex and hugely expensive.
The miniature parasols idea, for example, envisages at least 16 trillion such parasols, the latter requiring an estimated 20 million separate space missions to get them up into orbit.
Using particles to create an artificial ring around the earth, meanwhile, would cost an estimated $4-6 trillion.
govenment report on chemtrails.
This earth is in Post Glacial Reboud effect, and the earth ocean floor is sinking. . The love of the Real God and Savior Jesus Christ be heard in all the land. Love Scott (BUG)

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