Dr.Burzynski : Cure for Cancer gets shelved by FDA!

07/02/2013 22:43

If there is one thing that I would like you to take away from this article and the full length version of the documentary about Doctor BURZYNSKI it would be this; CANCER is BIG BUSINESS. Pharma is in control via the almighty dollar and they do not want CURES. The FDA is paid off (public information and disclosure is available) to keep us on drugs that do nothing but aggrivate our illnesses, and in some cases actually kill us. Question to ask yourselves is “When has the Food and Drug Administration ever cured a disease?” Do you have the answer yet?

I watched the following documentary more than once, and then I went down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’, only to come out mad as hell. The documentary revealed some of what I have already known and had written about in past articles for our publication, but Bursynski’s story really spelled it out in real time. It starts back in the 1970′s, but it is ongoing , current news and currently being investigated.It is a story of a modern day Christ. And it is happening to us, right now! The public is being restricted, cut off , and misinformed about cures. The fact is, Cancer is a multi- trillion dollar industry, and if you cure cancer…big pharma dries up. This is truly one of the most IMPORTANT Documentaries of our time!

Cancer does not have to be a death sentence but the FDA doesn’t want you to know this!  Dr. Berzynski’s story sheds light on how the FDA will  go to ANY length to keep the public  in the dark about Dr. Bruzynski’s cure for cancer . Please share this film and the website links that have been provided! We must stop this out of control and corrupt administration (FDA) by means of awareness to the public and taking action. BRAVO to Dr. Bruzynski and those who created the documentary!

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