Eurogendfor: the new EU police force of limitless power

18/06/2013 00:03
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Among the many projects of international cooperation which Italy is currently involved seems it is appropriate to dwell on what Eurogendfor, or the European Gendarmerie Force. This is an initiative that involves in addition to our other 5 EU countries: France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Romania, but subsequently acceded to this project.

The purpose of the EGF to strengthen the management capacity of the future international crises and, more importantly, contribute to the common defense and security policy and may in all respects be considered a tool integrated approach to conduct police missions in several theaters, including those destabilized, in support of the European Union, NATO, the UN or any coalitions to create PURPOSE.

We started talking about this initiative ten years ago, in 2003, during an informal meeting of defense ministers held in Rome later in the Dutch town of Noordwijk Declaration of intent was signed among the top five countries involved and this document became operational two Years later, on 20 July 2006.

The “baptism of fire” took place the following year when the Eurogendfor conducted its first mission by participating in the operation of the EU called Alteha in Bosnia-Herzegovina, after which this group has intervened in Afghanistan and has provided support to the UN in Haiti devastated by the earthquake in 2010.

The main feature of this armed force is definitely its large flexible so that it can intervene quickly in any high intensity conflict is under any military command is under the control of civilians, acting jointly with other divisions or in a totally autonomous. It may also intervene at any time of the conflict in the initial phase it will have the task to stabilize or restore the order pre-existing alongside or replacing the local police force, during the transition phase will be called to serve a mission purely military in coordination with the local authorities, and finally in the final stage by facilitating the transfer of responsibilities from the military to the civilian chain of command.

The methods of intervention are the following: replacement of the local police forces in certain areas where the conduct of the normal civil activity is in crisis and can help to build military facilities local species in an environment characterized by high levels of insecurity and crime due to the lack of an adequate rule of law, as has happened in Haiti can finally be used in the event of natural disasters. However, there is the possible use during events considered to be particularly at risk such as the annual meetings of the G8 or the like.

Its contingent is very small as can count a maximum of about 2,500 men, however, able to intervene within thirty days in every corner of the world.

Italy has made available to this global police force barracks Chinotto in Vicenza and chose his best men among the ranks of the Carabinieri also the leaders of our Ministry of Defence have contributed to the project by focusing on the plate experiences acquired from activities abroad through the MSU, Multinational Specialized Unit of the weapon.

The training of the members of the EGF occurs in the same location as the CoESPU, center of Execellence for stability police units dedicated to the preparation and training of the police, in particular but not exclusively, African States and a key element of the politics of the G8 for the stabilization of that continent.

Among the features that make this police hated by many even his powers in some ways seem limitless.

In fact, according to what is stated in its founding treaty under article 21 of the premises, buildings, archives, documents, computer files, records and movies owned weapon shall be held inviolable; Article .22 instead provides immunity from measures of execution of the judicial authority of individual nation states, extended to the property and the capital of the body of gendarmerie, while Article .23 provides that communications can not be intercepted, the arrangement number 28 announces that the signatory countries, to waive all claims compensation for damages caused to property during the preparation or execution of transactions, compensation will not be required even in case of injury or death of personnel Eurogendfor.

Article 29 is instead determined that the staff members of Eurogendfor will not suffer any proceedings concerning the execution of a judgment against them in the host State in the receiving State or in a case connected to the fulfillment of their service.

When Italy has ratified the treaty, March 2010, as well as provide for the participation in senior management official of five and six marshals, fielded well 291 thousand euro per year, out of a total of just over 400, and currently also because of the serious crisis the outlay was revised downward and is financed under the decrees of international operations.

A short, but being a project within the EU, the Italian parliament should be limited only to record the exits provided for its operation without being able to express opinions on the matter.


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