Exposed! The Evil Criminal Establishment that Rules Over Scotland!

14/08/2014 12:14

By Tom Steele

I think the evidence is completely undeniable that the Houses of Parliament and the establishment elites are up to their necks in every form of criminality including the most heinous crime of paedophilia, a revolting and despicable crime that traumatised the mind of all good people, notwithstanding the suffering, torture and psychological pain that it inflicts upon the innocent victims.
The mind-boggling Westminster paedophile ring and cover up story unfolding before our eyes is only the tip of the iceberg of a mountain of criminality that has been deeply entrenched into the day-to-day operation and culture of the Houses of Parliament and the establishment for many decades and continues unabated, and permeates all the way to 10 Downing St and Buckingham Palace.

The Houses of Parliament is made up of the House of Lords (785 Unelected Peers) and the House of Commons (650 Elected MP’s, some of whom are Knights of the Realm). These fourteen hundred plus people are judged and self-promoted to be of the highest integrity, the most intelligent, trustworthy, honest and selfless people within our society, and into whose hands we place our trust to ensure our security, justice, equality, liberty, economic well-being and most importantly, the protection of our children from sexual predators and murderers.


The Establishment Funded Anti-Scottish Independence Campaign

Yet within these ranks of the Westminster political elites and their lackeys there has been a statistically disproportionate number of criminals committing the most horrendous and heinous crimes known to human society, just in the last few decades alone.
The arrogant Westminster political classes and their minions have been implicated, involved or convicted for such crimes as Murder, Illegal War, War Crimes, Terrorism,Torture, Crimes against Humanity, Corruption, Espionage, Treason, Drug Trafficking, Paedophilia, Rape, Indecent Assault, Sex Trafficking, Arson, Blackmail, GBH, Bribery, Insider Trading, Cash for Questions, Asset Stripping, Tax Evasion, Money Laundering, Expenses Fraud, Theft, Perjury, Phone Hacking, Spousal Assault, Perverting the Course of Justice, Cover Ups ,Cash for Honours, Conspiracy and Forgery.

These are the same Criminals that have the levers of control over Scotland!
Hard to believe isn’t it? But it is true nonetheless as you will discover.

It should also be noted that many key figures in the British establishment such as local councillors, judges, barristers, lawyers, police officers, civil servants, newspaper executives and journalists, clergymen, high-profile celebrities and the BBC have also been convicted or have been involved with the cover up of many crimes especially establishment paedophile rings.

This list does not include other dubious and distasteful behaviour such as drug and alcohol abuse, nepotism, adultery, bullying, threatening behaviour, cheating and lying and as we in Scotland know at first hand, all manner of other dirty tricks.
Here are just a few of the crimes the Westminster political classes and their crony establishment friends and Knights of the Realm have been implicated, involved or convicted of.
Trust me readers, this is just scratching the surface!!……(see links at bottom of page)



Lord Lucan – Murder Suspect
Lord Watson – Arson
Lord Archer – Perjury
Lord Kagan – False Accounting
Lord Hanningfield – Fraud
Lord Taylor – Fraud
Lord Britton – Paedophilia Cover Up, Questioned by police investigating rape allegation
Lord Janner –  Under Investigation for Child Sex Abuse
Lord Black – Fraud
Lord Tebbit – Failure to expose known paedophile Peter Morrison PPS for Maggie Thatcher
Lord Mandelson – Force to resign from government twice in mortgage and passport scandals.
Lord Blencathra – Breached the Code of Conduct in return for cash for lobbying

Prime Minister Tony Blair – War Crimes,Illegal War in Iraq, Paedophilia cover up issuing D Notices to the media
Prime Minister Gordon Brown – Ordered to pay back £12000 in expenses scandal.
Prime Minister David Cameron War Crimes,Illegal War in Libya, Paedophilia Cover Up.
Prime Minister John Major – Paedophilia Cover Up. Adultery
Prime Minister Edward Heath – Paedophile and Conspiracy to Murder
Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher – Paedophilia Cover Up, Using the privatisation to asset strip the country.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg – Paedophilia Cover Up
Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman – Ties to Paedophile Information Exchange
Labour Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt – Ties to Paedophile Information Exchange
Home Secretary Jack Straw – Made it illegal for children in care to report child abuse.
Home Secretary Reginald Maudling –  Corruption in property dealings
Chancellor of the Exchequer Kenneth Clarke – Accused of Indecent Assault by victim Ben Fellows
Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling – Expenses Scandal, Flipping Homes,
Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne – Drug Abuse, possession of Class A drug (Cocaine)
Foreign Secretary William Hague – Paedophile Cover Up
Cabinet Minister Margaret Hodge – Paedophilia Cover Up

Sir Peter Hayman –  Member of Paedophile Information Exchange
Sir Cyril Smith –  Paedophilia, Rape, Child Abuse
Sir Nicholas Fairbairn – Under Investigation for Child Sex Abuse
Sir Anthony Blunt – Treason and Espionage
Sir Jimmy Savile – Paedophilia, Necrophilia, child abuse, conspiracy to murder
Sir Peter Morrison – Paedophile

MP David Chaytor – Theft
MP Jonathon Aitken – Perjury
MP Elliot Morley – Theft
MP John Stonehouse – Conspiracy, Forgery and Fraud
MP Jim Devine – Theft
MP Neil Hamilton – Guilty in Cash for Questions probe
MP Maria Miller –  Resigned due to Expenses Scandal
MP Mark Harper – Employing Illegal Immigrant
389 MP’s –  Shamed in Expenses Scandal for Unbridled greed but not arrested and convicted for fraud .


The British Mainstream Media –  Government and Corporate Propaganda, Phone Hacking, Hillsborough Cover Up
British Police Force – Hillsborough Cover up and Corruption, Paedophilia Cover Up
Metropolitan Police – Corruption, Bribery. Paedophilia Cover Up
MI5/6 – Paedophilia, Cover Up, Terrorist acts in Northern Island

Of course as each crime is uncovered or exposed the Westminster establishment goes either into full blown cover-up mode, or if this fails, they invoke an “Internal Enquiry” that kicks the matter into the long grass to be forgotten about. They of course ensure any inquiry is chaired by establishment figures of their choice, that then proceed to conduct a white wash by restricting the “terms of reference” and letting the guilty go unpunished.

This will be made obvious by new inquiry into paedophilia announced by David Cameron’s Tory government, whose “terms of reference” will only include “historical cases”, in order to cover up and deflect from the current crimes, and will not be concluded until well after the next UK election.
It has been normal practice for MP’s of all parties to have their crimes and scandals covered up and the information used to blackmail them into “towing the line” and do what their party whips tell them to do, even when it goes against the public interest.

Tony Blair’s government sealed the Dunblane police reports as secret for 100 years amid accusations of a high-profile paedophile ring operating high within the core of the establishment. To put this into perspective, state secrets are only sealed for 30 yrs. How damaging was the information that justified such an unprecedented move? I will leave the reader to draw their own conclusion.




Currently, the failing Better Together and recently relaunched and renamed No Thanks campaign, are funded by millions of pounds donated by very rich Lords, Conservative millionaire businessmen and wealthy Tory landowners. They belong to the very same corrupt political and establishment élite, who are trying to dupe the Scottish people into putting their trust in the sleaze ridden Westminster Houses of Parliament for their own vested interests, and the interests of establishment cronies, but to the detriment of the fools they deceive into voting No.

Make absolutely no mistake, if you intend to vote No in the Independence referendum then you will be condoning these heinous crimes and their perpetrators, and you will be condemning Scotland to be led by a cabal of crooks and paedophiles, and a narcissistic political and establishment élite devoid of any moral backbone, empathy or compassion, who will dump the hoodwinked unionists as soon as their usefulness is over on Sept 19th.

How can anyone given the choice, freely vote to have these heinous people rule over us, it would be a sign of utter insanity surely?
Scotland has no choice. We must vote Yes and free ourselves once and for all from this corrupted clique of crooks, narcissists and child molesters, that are deeply entrenched into the very rotten core of the Westminster establishment.
By voting Yes, Scotland has the almost unique opportunity in the modern world of not only having a corruption free and honest parliament, but we can and will lead the world in peace, justice, equality, liberty, human rights and the sovereignty of the people.



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