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01/08/2013 16:10

Blair Lorimer (Editor)

Some information about recent site changes

As some of you know, I have been archiving the news feed over the last few weeks. There are about 2,300 articles and videos that are needing catagorized, so that the information on this site is easy to find. A large part of it has been done already, with maybe about 1,000 articles still to do.

A large section of the older articles are needing to be fixed, with font size and color. Text was needing to be margined to the left hand side, tags improved and links fixed in the articles. As these are fixed and published again, you will probably be getting them appear in your RSS notifications. So, this is why subscribers may be getting older stories appear in their inbox. Apologies for this, if your email is filling up with these older stories. On a plus note, it may give some of you the chance to see these if you missed them the first time round.

There were quite a few dead videos in some of the articles, and the cleaning up of the site has allowed me to remove these as I make my way through the older articles on the newsfeed.

Needless to say, this is very time consuming for me, but I am doing a little every day to improve the presentation and accessability of all the stories featured in the newsfeed. Hopefully soon, I will reach a point when I no longer need to fix older articles and can continue to archive without time consuming re-tagging and editing of the articles beforehand. Then, things will move very swiftly and the archive will start to fill up very rapidly and the news archive will be complete. New stories will then be automatically be added to the archive as they are posted to the site.

The archive has proved very popular with regular visitors and new visitors alike. The site stats for unique visitors has doubled this month because of the archive and the number of views the archive is getting is very good and confirms my feeling that I needed to incorporate this on my site. So, thank you all for visiting and making the most of the wealth of information gathered by myself over the last 4 years.

The "More Info" section has about 5,000 articles that also need to be sorted, fixed and archived at some point. This will happen eventually, once I recover from doing the newsfeed archiving.

My deepest gratitude goes out to everyone who subscribes to the site and had supported the work being done. Please continue to share information that you find, and I look forward to building on the ever growing popularity of GNC Connect.


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