H.G. Wells, G.B. Shaw and the Parlour Room Blood Lust of The Fabian Society

06/05/2014 20:43
By the end of the Great War of 1914-1918, one organisation that was very influential on the global stage and whose actions and implementations directly led to the rise of the totalitarianism of both Fascism and the Bolsheviks was the Fabian Society. Based in London and formed in 1884, and which still exists and remains influential in global politics to the present day, this think-tank was and still is essentially an aristocratic cult out of which formed the British Labour Party, the London School of Economics and the influential New Statesman journal, as well as having a huge influence on the creation of the League of Nations in 1919. 
The Fabian ideology is driven by incremental social Darwinism and scientific socialism, and until the 1940's did nothing to hide their totalitarian psychopathic agenda. In fact, they openly boasted about their horrific agenda which, today, is now hidden behind a façade of celebrities and climate change fronts. The same aristocratic families which championed the ethos and rise of both National Socialism and the Bolsheviks are very much still moving the Fabian rudder and maintaining their utopian course behind the scenes just as much as they ever have as you read these very words.
The Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw was a Fabian who openly called for scientists to develop gasses to murder races and groups who did not want to be controlled within the Fabian utopia. Later, IG Faben would cater to his wishes with their 'pesticide' Zyklon B; poured upon European Gypsies, in an attempt to eliminate the last non-controlled indigenous people in Europe. Shaw also demanded a system whereby humans were to sit in front of a committee and justify their existence to a panel of civil servants who had the right to decide a person's fate. If people could no longer demonstrate that they were productive before this panel of bureaucrats, they would be 'humanely murdered' according to George Bernard Shaw. 
The influence that the Fabians had on the creation of National Socialism and the Bolsheviks cannot be downplayed, as they were significant in generating a degree of acceptance of totalitarian regimes among intellectuals and academics in the years leading up to 1919. Hitler and Stalin could not have risen to power without the social conditioning of the Fabians; that a cold, scientific control of humanity was the only method of government for the 20th century. The Fabian Society was ruthlessly atheistic and scientific, and this was perhaps what made them so very dangerous, in that they assumed that human existence is nothing more than chemical and electrical bodily functions, and that humanity has no soul or spirit. 
Among the more psychopathic—if not psychotic—members of the Fabian Society who used his popular influence to sow the seeds of the totalitarian scientific oppression in the name of reason, was the British author H.G. Wells. Known mainly for using his science-fiction novels such as The Time Machine and Things to Come in order to future-proof the expectations of present generations towards political objectives (which is why sci-fi remains a core aspect of the Psychopathic Control Grid to this day), Wells and his warped philosophy played a huge part in the creation of both Hitler and Stalin in terms of their acceptability among more scientifically inclined thinkers in the decades leading up to 1919. 

Wells was perhaps the most perfectly pre-formed National Socialist who wasn't a German. Like so many of the intelligentsia of his day, he took the Darwinian 'survival of the fittest' concept to a completely literal level, in that some humans were just not fit to live in the scientific and reasoned New Order of the 20th century that he and the other Fabians had envisioned. Wells, carrying the ethos of the Fabians into a literary narrative, declared that 'The Base' of humanity was unfit to live because, culturally and intellectually, their need to be free and have free will had to be removed from society as 'congenital invalids', as they only represented 'an antagonism to the State organisations.' His solution, as was also that of the Fabians, was for the Utopians to eliminate 'The Base'. 
This was to be achieved by means of mass starvation and robbing these people of both their ability to survive and their will to live. Precisely the same methods used by the Nazis with the Nuremberg Racial Laws and which led to the 'silent holocaust', whereby Jews and others declared unfit to live in the Reich chose suicide in their countless thousands as they were shunned, made unemployed or mocked and chased out of schools and universities. The Nazis adopted these methods directly from H.G. Wells and the other British intellectuals of the Fabian Society. There is no difference at all between H.G. Wells' 'congenital invalids' and Adolf Hitler's 'racial tuberculosis'. The same use of weaponised black magic language was being unleashed to create pre-formed opinions in the minds of their audience, while at the same time serving notice to the victims that 'the hunt is on'. 
H.G. Wells' elimination of 'The Base' classes included forbidding the undesirables from building boats, as islands off the coast were to be used as concentration camps while the Utopians arranged their extermination. Just like the Nazis, Wells and the Fabians demanded that malformed children and disabled adults should be murdered, as they would affect the finances of the state and may contaminate the bloodlines of the Utopians with malformed strains. Wells (on behalf of the Fabian Society) demanded uniformity of attire and uniformed clothing, that all marriages be arranged and decreed by the state with total bureaucratic control of family diets and recreational facilities. 

As incredible as it seems, this was the prevailing mindset of the British and Anglo-American establishment in the first half of the 20th century, and without fully understanding this period of history, whereby the Scientific Materialists proposed their own form of National Socialism for the world and then unleashed everything from Eugenics to Gerrymandering, we cannot begin to grasp why the Anglo-American establishment became so enamoured with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis during their rise to power. In many ways, Hitler was the Fabians' ideal leader in Berlin, just as much as Lenin and later Stalin were their ideal leadership culture in Moscow. This happened because the imperial powers following the Great War—even if only by fostering a culture of acceptability—created the means for it to have happened.

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