How do they cheat the temperature readings for Global Warming?

10/11/2010 19:57

Busted! 12 Photos of the Global Warming Bunko Scam, Which You’ll Never, Ever See in Legacy Media

By Doug Ross, November 8th 2010

David Evans points us to truly shocking collection of photographs he’s assembled (PDF) depicting the fraudulent nature of the warming fraud perpetrated by many in the Western science establishment.

These photos highlight the locations of official climate thermometers, which — if they’re not missing altogether — are intentionally placed near air conditioners or getting blasts from jet engines. You won’t believe your eyes.

They say the world is getting warmer, but the satellites say warming stopped in 2002.

Global temperature is measured in tenths of a degree per century. So any little nudge is important. 89% of official thermometers in the USA fail official siting requirements by being too close to an artificial heating source.
They are cheating.

If they measure the “global temperature” like this, how else are they cheating?

If a financial organization or drug company tried to pull this kind of deception they would get busted.

[Is this] ‘Global warming’ or ‘Airport Warming’? Over 50% of official thermometers worldwide are at airports.

The tarmac is easily the warmest surface around, so that’s where they put the official thermometer. And don’t ignore the warming nudges from jet exhaust and steam de-icers. Official guidelines say a thermometer should be in a level open clearing, with ground cover typical of the region. So how about in the snow?

They measure “global” warming like this? Gee, couldn’t they put the thermometer a little closer to the air conditioners? They are cheating.

Why did we only find out that this was how they measured “global” warming because volunteers went out and photographed the official thermometers? The climate establishment is cheating, and the media are letting them get away with it. Where are the regulators and auditors?

Why do they put the official thermometer near the warm waste water, and not out in a nearby field or clearing? And they call it “global” warming? NOAA gets over $4 billion of government funds each year, so money is not the problem.

“Global” warming in action, 1874 to 2010. They measure temperatures at the globe’s warmest localities, not global temperatures.

Global warming started before 1700, before trains, factories, cars, airplanes, etc. Human emissions of CO2 were negligible before 1850. So we cannot have started the global warming. How come they didn’t mention that?

Human emissions of carbon dioxide don’t effect the rate of warming. How come they never compare human emissions (the alleged cause) and temperature (the alleged effect)? Because there is hardly any relationship?

I’ve been saying it for years. Global warming is another in a long series of bunko scams orchestrated by the United Nations in collaboration with corrupt businessmen and officials (remember “Oil for Food”?).

This is simply more proof that we were right.

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