How does Divide and Rule work?

20/10/2010 08:50

By Sally Exhoudu

The elites give culture to us. The psychopathic elites are a strange lot. Their ‘bible’ seems to be Plato’s Republic, a blueprint for a New World Order utopia whereby the idle parasitic elites breed a manageable quota of humans as slaves on stud farms for specific tasks when needed, and cull off any useless eaters when obsolete. The Spartans did something like this for almost 250 years.

David Galton, in his book, on page 17, EUGENICS: the future of human life in the 21st century (2001) ISBN0 349 113777 Galton describes the first state, that of Sparta, to be run on eugenic ideas whereby the best and fittest men were bred to fight which enabled Sparta to rule Greece for almost 250 years.

From Plato’s Republic we get the science of the Hegelian Dialectic, falsely attributed to Hegel. Divide and Rule! When you want to steer a society in a pre-planned direction you split that society into warring factions. This overcomes the inertia and gets the ball rolling for you. People at peace are not going anywhere. Our version of peace to the elites is stagnancy. To them war is peace regardless of how many die or suffer. When we are all at each other’s throats, we are too angry and blinkered to understand that we are being shifted anywhere, let alone into a new order.

It is difficult to know where to start with this chapter as it involves the total break up and clearing away of an entire society to make way for the march of the psychopathic Platonic/Spartan New World Order.


Let’s start with the genocide called detribalisation.

A tribe, or clan, is a community. People are gregarious by nature. We survive by gathering together in numbers and cooperating, it’s part of our nature. We congregate with like-minded individuals and survive together. It is quite likely that tribes bartered with other tribes and got on quite well together. Of course, there would have been some disagreements between neighbouring tribes, which would need resolving by the tribal elders, who had the wisdom of accumulated years. In a tribe or clan-type community, the men gather and surround the women and children and the women and children feel safe.

This way of life is not acceptable to the New World Order psychopathic control-freaks who want us all standardised into one global multicultural manageable clump. Tribe must be pitted against tribe, and as much divide-and-rule must be applied as possible in order for the invading marauders to dominate and detribalise the mass in its entirety.

The destruction of a tribal culture happens in three stages.

  1. Slaughter the elders.

This is equivalent to the burning of a library in order to eliminate history, as the tribal cultures are oral and pass the information down through the generations by word of mouth.

  1. Slaughter the native language.

By destroying the language of the indigenous people, the invaders cut off all links with the past; wiping the slate clean for the New Order, which is now enforced upon them. Under pain of death, the people are forbidden to speak in their native tongue. They are humiliated by having their mouths washed out with soap, or worse.

  1. Enslave them with money.

When the indigenous tribe is kicked and manipulated into submission and harvested, they are now made to pay their masters to live. Disobedient dissenters are simply slaughtered, sterilised, raped, mocked, tortured and made an example of to teach the new order to the rest.

The smashing up the nuclear family:

 A tribe is an extended family, but the next stage after the obliteration of the tribe is the destruction of the bonded family unit. The two should be viewed as a continuous line of fragmentation leading on to the next stage and then the next stage. The generation gap did not just happen. It was engineered. Before the 1950’s there was no such thing as a teenager. Young people reaching adolescence have a natural rebellious attitude as they mature into adulthood. The elite think-tanks knew they could use this to their own advantage and stepped in and introduced music, drama, celebrities, cigarettes, cinema, jukeboxes, television ‘soaps’ and fashion, to hammer a heavy wedge into stable family life. Suddenly teenagers were a breed unto themselves and anyone past the age of 21 was a ‘has-been’. Parents were all stupid and the propagandists were ‘so cool’.

The sixties gave teenagers the sexual revolution, drugs, free love, promiscuity, sleeping around and provocative dress. Of course, the real reason for all this top-down weaponised culture was the pushing of the eugenics/depopulation agenda through the popularisation of the contraceptive pill, the promotion of abortion coupled with the created dreaded fear of unwanted children. In the sixties, the elites divided, ruled and sterilised a large naïve gullible section of society without their parents’ knowledge. We now have a newly created caste called tweenagers, neither children nor teenagers, little children, painted, perfumed and turned out as tarts and paraded before CCTV cameras as fodder for every salivating voyeuristic paedophile out there to stalk. All this was planned. By the way, regardless of all the sex awash in the media, voyeurism is a serious psychiatric illness!

The smashing up of marriage:

The seventies gave us feminism. Having invented teenagers and turned them against the wisdom of their parents, the next stage was to smash up the parents themselves by turning them against each other; the weaponisation of the sexes. This was achieved by targeting mainly the women through feminism, as women are easier to manipulate. The elites, having access to secret archives of social sciences dating at least back to the Ancient Greeks know us better than we know ourselves. Apply the same formula and you get the same result. They work us like a chemistry set.

Only those with psychopathic tendencies are initiated and allowed access to these secret sciences. It is a Darwinist pecking order. The hoax of feminism was launched on the female population and funded most likely by misogynous homosexuals in silly woollen aprons in lodges. Eugenicists such as Margaret Sanger were used to dupe the women into believing that it is a man’s world and women are household slaves. Other funded con-women were Margaret Mead, Gloria Steinem, Betty Freiden and Germaine Greer. Of all he above feminists, and many more, you would find more femininity in the head of a sledgehammer. Betty Freiden was a lesbian communist posing as a disgruntled housewife, used to help kick-start the movement. Feminism is about marriage break-up, induced selfishness, depopulation, eugenics, IVF, designer babies, mocking the natural aggressiveness in the male, taxing the untaxed other-half of the slave population (women), expunging the mothering instinct, and ultimately, the State fishing children out of the school for whatever purpose it deems fit.

There has barely been anything in the mass media since 1970, which hasn’t been a gross insult to real men who will stand up and fight for marriage, family and tribe. Why don’t women realise they have been sterilised without their consent through feminism? Why don’t they stand up and have the guts to speak out against the cowardly perverts that pulled the wool over their gullible eyes? Now, there’s something worth bitching about! “You are being separated from your moral support…and ruled with an iron fist by cowards”. Where’s the liberation and equality in that?

Bashing your children into shape:

Everything has to be a contest in this in this big wide survival-of-the-fittest Social Darwinist world of ours based on dog-eat-dog eugenics. Children don’t play anymore. They compete, while their parents are paying the corporate lawyers and corporate courts to do their competing for them, for custody of the children and the children themselves are spoon-fed on military-designed computer games, training them to be desensitised to…well …everything and everybody.

In cyberspace, black clad from head to toe, brainless, like the mini-executioners they are being trained to be, they murder, rape, decapitate, disembowel, impale. When they grow up, they will be excellent fodder for blowing everything including themselves to smithereens, while the sadistic elites watch on, salivating at the mouth at the end product of their perverted brains. God help us all when these dehumanised, sexless, fatherless, motherless, brain-dead mini-robots, that used to be children grow up. They will welcome a real suit of armour; armed to the teeth with all the latest batch of seething handheld torture devices, dangling all over their black shells, itching to be used on us when there’s no such thing as a job…by design.

Now, I’m not saying all competition is bad; boys generally compete, girls generally cooperate. The point is they are neither boys nor girls. They are being turned into androgynous robots for military purposes. This is beyond divide-and-rule. This is one-to-one technology-to-brain military training of children under the guise of ‘entertainment’. Entertainment itself is a joke – programmes about competing to be the best performer – the best gardener – the best at building a wall – the best at painting a door – the best at cooking a meal – the best at wearing a dress – the best at cementing a path – the best at painting a picture – the prettiest walker on a catwalk. For children all this is supposed to be a healthy distraction from the continuous onslaught of competing to be the best at passing the best stupid exam to be the best tax slave.

What happens if they don’t quite make it – there is a solution – drug them up to the eyeballs with Ritalin. Lobotomise their vulnerable brains. Murder and maim them with Gardasil so they can continue to have the sex they were trained to have since they were 4 year olds.

In the meantime, the teachers in the schools have had a generation of total indoctrination into the ‘greening’ agenda. So much so that they are brainwashing the children to bring up and indoctrinate what’s left of the parents on behalf of the recycling mafia…free raw materials harvested and delivered free…by slaves. Children bringing up their parents, now there’s wisdom.

The warring factions:

The psychopathic elites, living in their superior utopian scientific heads, where there is no such an animal as compassion or guilt, see us all as a residual mass of protoplasm to be moulded, as they say ‘like clay on the potters’ wheel’. The elites are global, internationalists, from all races. They are a clan unto themselves with one thing in common. They are all psychopaths.

Here’s how the human chemistry set works. The elites seek out, invent or create differences in otherwise peacefully coexisting communities. They deliberately amplify differences of colour, creed, sex, age, political persuasion, race, environmental opinions etc. and pit them all one against each other…’stirring the witches pot’.

Here’s a stirring Club of Rome invention – global warming/climate change – and all that utter nonsense:

”In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
The real enemy then, is humanity itself
- Club of Rome, premier environmental think-tank, consultants to the United Nations –

Above is a statement from the founders of the club in their own words from their own book The First Global Revolution (1991). In my copy, it’s there in black and white on page 85. They wave a false flag, saying there’s an enemy over there, and we, the pawns on the chessboard, the residual mass, all go charging after an enemy that doesn’t exist, too angry to look up at who’s pulling the strings, and steering us all into a fascist/communist New World Order. The New World Order is to be a hell on earth for us, a utopia for the controlling psychopathic elites.

We all know of someone who has a dog that goes charging after a non-existent cat, or snapping the air for a non-existent fly when the owner says ‘get the cat’ or ‘get the fly’, just for the sake of mocking the poor dumb animal the dog barks, snaps and charges.  We, the victims, are being mocked in this way. It’s not that we are dumb; it’s just that we prefer to spend our time trying to look after our loved ones, because we have a non-psychopathic thing called compassion. Non-control-freaks have different priorities. Most of us will not believe all this is happening, that’s how the cunning psychopaths keep getting away with it. They will get away with it until we wake up and say no more, stop giving them all our money to buy extravagant weapons, with which to murder us.

 The most elaborate weapon of all though is the culture itself. We live in a weaponised culture. The elites are perpetual war advocates. We are in a perpetual war and we think we are at peace.

Dividing and ruling everyone:

What is this psychopathic New World Order to be like? It is to be an upgraded scientific dictatorship with the superior parasitic breed in charge, and doing as it pleases. The rest of us are to be disposable slaves.

George Orwell’s book 1984 was originally called The Last Man in Europe. This title referred to the last person to be re-engineered into a posthuman. A posthuman is someone who used to be a human but has been upgraded into a cyborg or machine, to serve the idle elite from cradle to grave.

The ‘New Man’ (childbearing women being obsolete and discarded) is to be a compassionless, androgynous, self-fertilising slave, produced, owned and run by the State like any other efficiently run factory machine. Orwell’s book 1984 needs to be read as a forerunner to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. The two should be read together, as on completion of the Last Man, comes the beginning of the Brave New World. This is your New World Order. Having brutally destroyed all opposition, the powerless residual mass is now to be doped and reconditioned into loving its servitude. All Brave New World Order slaves are to worship and adore their master-gods and accept everything dished out to them with gratitude for the fact that they were allowed to be born. Only those bio-machines that the State requires will be decanted. There will be no birth in the old-fashioned sense. Posthumans are to be created by human gods, and decanted from test tubes by the new white-coated priesthood.

How far are we from this ‘utopia’? Well, look around you! Look at the gawk and stalk ‘security’ cameras watching your every pubic hair at airports. Look at the nests of cameras gawking at you from every angle. Look at the RFID agenda. Look at the child snatching by the State. Look at the controlled/planned collapse of the economy. Look at the NLP zapped police attacking those they signed up to serve. Look at the poisoning of the food. Look at the poisoning of the water. Look at the poisoning of the air supply. Look at the weather modification they call climate change and blame us. Look at your behaviour modification taking place, for your own security of course. Look at the Surveillance State. Everybody is spying on everybody else. Can it possibly get any worse?


We’re now expected to spy on ourselves. We may be harbouring terrorist thoughts unbeknownst to ourselves so our facial expressions, manner of walking, our tone of voice has to be watched day and night so the ‘experts’ can tell us if we are terrorists or not. The gadgets and gizmos know us far better than we could possibly know ourselves, and they have a psychopathic legal system and prison system to back them up to prove it. If you don’t like being a slave, there’s what they call a Fixated Threat Assessment Centre/Gulag to force you into liking it. Start spying on yourself…or else…report to your betters if you are suspicious of yourself in any way! They’ll decide whether you need reframing, or not. A little torture should do the trick!

Plato would be proud of today’s psychopathic elites!

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