International bankers and WWII

03/05/2012 17:08

Source: The Nation

The Treaty of Versailles, signed at the end of WWI, was designed to rip off Germany, to further consolidate the control of international bankers over USA and Europe, and to lay the basis of the next world war so that the agenda of establishment of a one world government could be carried further. The League of Nations was set up after WWI and the UN was set up after WWII. The UN building was a “gift” from the Rockefellers! Supranational bodies, like the UN, IMF, etc, will eventually become the basis of one world government by gradually encroaching over national autonomy. The national governments will gradually be rendered powerless and impotent.

WWI had added incredible sums to the coffers of the international bankers, who began setting up privately controlled central banks on the pattern of the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve. Rothschild had once said: “Give me control over a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” Taking over the central banks of nations has been one of the most crucial elements in the strategy of international bankers over the past two centuries to bring about a New World Order. In his book, Pawns in the Game, Guy Carr wrote: “Since the great war, the international bankers had set up 26 central banks.”  As WWI had been successfully managed with unprecedented profits and unprecedented control of the elite over nations, the next world war would lead much further to the goal of one world government.

To bring about the next world war both Soviet Russia and Germany were developed by the banking elite and then a clash brought about between them. The British government, which has been under the control of the bankers after Waterloo, which made Rothschild the undisputed master of English money line, always does their bidding. The US had come under deeper and enduring control of the bankers because of the privately owned Federal Reserve and WWI, which was to be used to bring about the desired result.

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