30/05/2015 22:20

Could Denis O’Brian Be a Fascist Psychopath?

Denis O’Brien’s lawyers have had a busy Friday (May 29, 2015) sending letters to several more media outlets (including the Broadsheet .ie, who have bravely refused to cave into his legal threats) regarding his interactions with IBRC (Irish Bank Resolution Corporation). Denis O’Brien is the CEO of Irish Water and is an Irish Billionaire with Powerful Globalist Friends and a Very Sinister Past. He is known as ‘Uncle Denis’ to current Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny and ruling party Fine Gael. O’Brien enjoys incredible political power in Ireland, yet he pays no tax in Ireland as he is a tax exile hiding his money money in Malta. Awarded over priced contracts by the government at the tax payer expense when cheaper contracts were available. (O’Briens GMC SIERRA won the water meter contract even even though the Siemens contract offered was 50 Million euro cheaper) Proven bribery of a Fine Gael Politician in order to win mobile phone contract (came out at the Moriarty Tribunal) ”In 1995, Denis O’Brien was head of one of six corporations looking for the lucrative second Irish mobile phone operator’s licence. When he was chosen to receive the license, there was major controversy as he was suspected of bribing Fine Gael government TD and Minister for Communications Michael Lowry. The license procurement, which ultimately made O’Brien one of the richest men in Ireland, was proven to be corrupt in an investigation by the Moriarty Tribunal, where it was proven that O’Brien gave substantial sums of money to Fine Gael in order to make friends with people in the party. Denis O’Brien, or persons close to him, subsequently sought to give large amounts of money to Michael Lowry. Michael Lowry, in return, sought to be involved to a greater degree in the licensing process, seeking information about it on a number of occasions and influencing the decision and selection process in Esat’s favour.” (WIKI) Received 300m Euro debt write off by the state after bank crash. Denis O’Brien over 40 Irish news papers including many radio stations. The government and journalist groups have found that O’Brien has too much media power and is using it to forward his corrupt ambitions. and the list goes on.

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"The writing on the wall for Irish Water charging Irish people for water with the recent O'Brien revelations that a 'special rate of interest' afforded to him by a criminal banking cartel which allowed him to set up Irish Water to begin with.

The next issue is to make sure that the establishment's Right2Water group does not become an agency to facilitate the creation of a QUANGO which gets the money to Irish Water/O'Brien.

There must be no new water charges. It's already paid for through other taxation."

- Thomas Sheridan


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