Jimmy Savile abused corpses and boasted he made jewellery from their glass eyes: NHS report reveals shocking new details about paedophile's crimes

26/06/2014 18:15

Jimmy Savile boasted about having sex with corpses and had jewellery made from glass eyes he removed from their bodies, it was revealed today.

The sick paedophile also gloated to others that he enjoyed 'posing' with the corpses and said that he would 'wheel them around' at night at Leeds General Infirmary.

The astonishing and macabre crimes were revealed in a mass of NHS reports into his crimes published today.

Investigators discovered the late DJ and Top of the Pops presenter claimed at least 103 victims aged between five and 75.

Starstruck NHS workers allowed Savile free reign to sexually abuse patients and hospital staff 'didn't want to hear or believe' what his young victims were saying, the report said.

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Sick: New evidence revealed today that Savile abused the dead and stole their glass eyes and turned them into rings like these (pictured on his left hand). His victims were aged between five and 75


Savile ring

Macabre: Savile with more rings on his left hand. It's not known if these are the rings made from glass eyes which he took from dead bodies at the mortuary of Leeds Royal Infirmary

They detailed his 50 year reign of terror at 28 institutions including Leeds, Broadmoor and Stoke Mandeville hospital.

Paedophile: Hundreds where abused by Jimmy Savile in hospitals, including one girl so desperate to avoid him she threw herself off a bridge

Paedophile: Hundreds where abused by Jimmy Savile in hospitals, who also boasted about having sex with corpses and stealing their glass eyes 

One witness told investigators that Savile revealed the origin of his 'gross, big silver rings' when she remarked on them.

He said: 'D'you know what they are? They are glass eyes from dead bodies in Leeds Mortuary where I work and I love working there, and I wheel the dead bodies around at night and I love that.' 

Another, unconnected witness - who was employed at the hospital - added: 'I do remember seeing this ring he had on that looked like an eyeball and - and I must've mentioned it to him.

'He said: 'It's made from the eyeball of a dead friend.'' 

A former nurse at Broadmoor Hospital said Savile told her about his appalling activities in Leeds.

He said he would 'muck about' posing dead bodies of men and women together before taking photographs.

She said: 'I was a little bit upset because I had no concept, in those days, of - while I'd heard of necrophilia ... but I didn't understand what it meant.' 

The nurse added that Savile said he sexually assaulted the bodies as well, something he dubbed 'garamoosh' - a reference to oral sex.  

A former patient at Barnet General Hospital in London said nurses told her in 1983 that Savile 'liked to have sex with dead bodies'.

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