Making the case for Global Non-Compliance - And Understanding Why People Don't "Wake Up"

19/06/2013 04:15

by Blair Lorimer (GNC Editor)

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There are direct links between relationships on a one to one level and on a mass scale. Comparisons can be drawn back and forth from populations with their controlling powers and the way  the dynamics work between two people. Call it the "Micro to Macro scale of Consciousness". This is what I will be showing you during this article as I put forth the case for Global Non-Compliance as a solution to ending tyranny of corporate owned governments around the world.

There can no longer be any doubt about the abuses perpetrated on people from the psychopathic control grid that has now been fully exposed in the Alternative Media. From the recent NSA scandals that have woken so many from their daydream, to the insidious effects of companies like Monsanto and their anti-nature, anti-human methodologies. The list is long.  Bailouts for criminal banking practices. Gun running by intelligence agencies. Ongoing Chem-trailing across the western world. Dark paedophile rings that seem to be embed in the highest parts of the establishment. Drug smuggling and protection of Afghan poppy fields. The Eugenics agenda. Murder by drone technology. Media mind control and the utter failure by most of the mainstream media to report the facts to the people. On and on it goes.

The system is completely psychopathic. Based on a hierarchical structure instead of Holistic. Compartmentalized instead of Unified. This debt and death paradigm is completely unnatural and does not serve the best interests of the people of the world. Rather, it is geared towards benefiting the few at the top and keeping their controlling influence going. All the energy, effort and money ploughed into keeping the masses unaware of this fact only testifies to the fear based mindset of these criminally insane and murderous “leaders” and “elites”, and the precariousness of their hold over the populations that they so despise.  They are trying to normalize the psychopathic mindset. This makes it easier for them to hide amongst us, while also allowing vast profits to be made off the backs of the traumatized masses, as they struggle to “climb the ladder”

As a psychopath would study human behaviour to blend in and remain undiscovered, so the psychopaths that run this diabolical system do the same. We are studied, researched and tested on, for the purposes of exploitation and control. Events are deliberately manipulated to turn your view of reality upside down, very much like a psychopath using gaslighting techniques on their victims. Just on a grand scale.

Who? Why? When? Where?

These are important questions, but, let’s keep it simple, as investigations into all this insanity lead us down many rabbit holes, with conflicting opinions and evidence. Let us just agree for now that it IS happening.

Let us agree that we are in an abusive relationship with these psychopaths and the solution may lie in how to break free from a relationship with just one. So, let us now explore what advice is given to victims of abuse in a relationship with a psychopath and see if we can use the information gleaned, to extract ourselves from the abusive relationship we are currently in with these corrupt, criminally insane psychopaths that we call  our “leaders”

 In “Victims & Survivors of Psychopaths” it is pointed out that a process of Traumatic Bonding happens between the abused person and the abuser.

Traumatic Bonding is strong emotional ties that develop between two persons, where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses or intimidates the other” (Dutton & Painter 1981)

Sound like a Corptocracy? Lets look at this in more detail, and while you read on, apply this to populations and government, even though these examples are talking about the psychology between 2 people in a relationship.

“Several conditions have been identified that must be present for a traumatic bond to occur.

–(1).  There must be an imbalance of power, with one person more in control of key aspects of the relationship, such as setting themselves up as the “authority” through such things as controlling the finances, or making most of the relationship decisions, or using threats and intimidations, so the relationship has become lopsided.

–(2).  The abusive behavior is sporadic in nature.  It is characterized by intermittent reinforcement, which means there is the alternating of highly intense positives (such as intense kindness or affection) and the negatives of the abusive behavior.

–(3).  The victim engages in denial of the abuse for emotional self- protection.  In severe abuse (this can be psychological or physical), one form of psychological protection strategy is dissociation, where the victim experiences the abuse as if it is not happening to them, but as if they are outside their body watching the scene unfold (like watching a movie).  Dissociative states allow the victim to compartmentalize the abusive aspects of the relationship in order to focus on the positive aspects.

The use of denial and distancing oneself from the abuse are forms of what is called cognitive dissonance.  In abusive relationships this means that what is happening to the victim is so horrible, so far removed from their thoughts and expectations of the world, that it is “dissonant” or “out of tune” or “at odds” with their pre-existing expectations and reality.  Since the victim feels powerless to change the situation, they rely on emotional strategies to try to make it less dissonant, to try to somehow make it fit.  To cope with the contradicting behaviors of the abuser, and to survive the abuse, the person literally has to change how they perceive reality.  Studies also show a person is more loyal and committed to a person or situation that is difficult, uncomfortable, or even humiliating, and the more the victim has invested in the relationship, the more they need to justify their position.  Cognitive dissonance is a powerful “self-preservation” mechanism which can completely distort and override the truth, with the victim developing a tolerance for the abuse and “normalizing” the abusers behavior, despite evidence to the contrary.

–(4).  The victim masks that the abuse is happening, may not have admitted it to anyone, not even themselves.

Trauma bonding makes it easier for a victim to survive within the relationship, but it severely undermines the victims self-structures, undermining their ability to accurately evaluate danger, and impairs their ability to perceive of alternatives to the situation.

Once a trauma bond is established it becomes extremely difficult for the victim to break free of the relationship.  The way humans respond to trauma is thought to have a biological basis and reactions to trauma was first described a century ago, with the term “railroad spine” being used.  Another term used has been “shell shocked”.

Victims overwhelmed with terror suffer from an overload of their system, and to be able to function they must distort reality.  They often shut down emotionally, and sometimes later describe themselves as having felt “robotic”,  intellectually knowing what happened, but feeling frozen or numb and unable to take action.  A victim must feel safe and out of “survival mode” before they will be able to make cognitive changes.

Many victims feel the compulsion to tell and retell the events of the trauma in an attempt to come to terms with what happened to them and to try to integrate it, reaching out to others for contact, safety, and stability.  Other victims react in an opposite manner, withdrawing into a shell of self-imposed isolation.  The trauma bond can persist even after the victim leaves the relationship, with it sometimes taking months, or even years, for them to completely break the bond. “

Do you see now what I am getting at? The only thing missing from this analogy is leaving the relationship and the healing from the abuse that took place. We have not left this relationship, so, the abuse continues. Either the psychopaths must be removed from positions in power, or we must remove ourselves from their influence. Stop giving their world view your attention, because it is killing you, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This is the heart, of what Global Non-Compliance means, because, the REAL battlefield is your mind.

(recent images from Brasil Protests)

As much as it can be about how you spend your money (ethically), how you raise your children, choosing wisely where you get your information from, and any other means of stopping, upsetting and halting the Trauma Machine*…it is about a state of mind…and involves every interaction with the world around you.  YOU make change happen, and your inaction allows the system to keep traumatizing generation after generation.

Pleading and begging those who abuse you and your sovereignty to stop the abuse is futile. If you are a victim in an abusive relationship, asking the abuser to help you is utter madness. The strongest advice given is to LEAVE and never look back. You are dealing with people who have NO EMPATHY. They do not FEEL like you do. They do not CARE like you do. They do not HURT like you do. This must be remembered at all times, so please, allow yourself the space and time to heal, then move on.

It can be difficult to leave a relationship with a psychopath on an individual level, so it will be when applied to a global level, especially when we take into account the trauma bonding that has happened. One advantage we have, is that, on a mass level, your piece by piece removal from the control system can go more easily unnoticed  than it would in a one on one relationship. Breaking free from the mind control in every aspect of your life can be done at your own pace, with out the worry of anyone necessarily noticing. Until, eventually, you have distanced yourself enough and you have the space and time to gather your thoughts and resolve the issues left in the wake of the psychic tsunami that had swept you away.

On handling the psychopathic system, Thomas Sheridan, author of “Puzzling People, Labyrinth of The Psychopath”, writes:

“Walk away from your psychopathic systems and toxic people. You can't reform them. They do not function like that.

The only way to play is to get off the chessboard and starve them of your engagement. They can't be reformed, bargained with, or made to understand your "frustration". It does not work like this. You will always lose playing their game.

They love when you give them attention, it proves to them that you still consider them your rulers. They need your acceptance of their status in order to maintain their status.

Your refusal is worth 1,000 votes on election day.”

There is a very, very important message in here also, for the alternative community. The mocking and belittling of those who have not yet woken to the madness must be tempered a little. Yes, there are those who are unreachable and will defend the system willingly. These people have succumbed to pure Ego, and can be dealt with using mind, logic and artistic flair. So be it. They made their choice. But to those that are good at heart, and just need the right information from people wanting to aid them, all honour must be shown.

Imagine you were in a violent relationship with a psychopath, and you didn’t see it for what it was. An outsider then makes disparaging remarks about your inability to see what you are going through. How would you react? Would this not just reinforce your trauma bond with your abuser? Would you not defend your abuser against these attacks?  Also, is this not just abusing a person that is already being abused?

WE can see what is happening. So WE need to help those who are in need. We were ALL there once, were we not?. How soon we forget.

Yes, it CAN be frustrating, when you see the damage being done, but, our attitude should be one of caring concern. Our community should be a welcoming place, with an offer of open arms to those who still have not realized the truth behind the veil . Just like we may try to help a friend who is suffering at the hands of an evil partner, we should try to approach those in need within the population at large.

Love and Care go a long way.

Please remember that we have traumatized people, who are kept at a state of infancy through fear based mind control.  The most important thing you can do, is continue to help those who reach out to you for advice and support, especially now, as the system starts to crumble under the weight of it’s own absurdity.

There are many great things in life, even when evil men rule. So, imagine a world without them and the difference we would see. The act of turning your attention away from their tricks and treats, is miniscule compared to the energy (our energy) used to keep this illusion going. Nothing need be destroyed, except the power you give them.

A few years ago, no-one was really talking about this subject in alternative media. Now, this meme of the psychopaths among us, has exploded. It is a good sign. A sign we are making real progress in understanding what has happened to the human race. Now that we have identified the problem, we need a solution. I feel that three important things could unfold now.

1: Unification behind the knowledge about the psychopaths among us. We have identified the problem.
2: A more understanding attitude to those that have yet to see this.
3: Continued discussion and knowledge sharing about solutions to extract ourselves from the psychopathic system, or,
the way we  remove the psychopaths from power.

Even if we can just put our focus, our intent, behind the first two, the third will work itself out in it’s own way, in it’s own time. We need the sleeping masses , and it will only take a certain amount to wake up, before the tipping point happens. The psychopaths will try every trick in the book to stop this from happening, but they destroy themselves the more their methods become obvious.

So, Non-Compliance that is Global, is whatever you want it to be. Whatever YOU want to BE.


* Trauma Machine: The industrialization of Trauma based Mind Control.

Trauma Based Mind Control is a method of fracturing the human psyche, resulting in the compartmentalization of the incoming trauma, so that the organism is able to survive. The mind is fractured, and Dissassociation takes place. On an industrial scale, this results in the fracturing of society and mass trauma bonding in populations. (Editors Note)


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