Media Coverup of Israeli Crimes against Humanity in Gaza: An Urgent Call to Confront the Mainstream Media

09/09/2014 19:41


After 50 days of Israeli attacks on a basically defenseless civilian population in Gaza, the pro-Israeli media is now trying to blame the victims for the devastation.  Worse, Israel’s supporters are running scurrilous ads that malign Hamas, even comparing it to ISIS.  The editors and publishers of such media must urgently be confronted with demands that their outlets reflect the facts rather than the attacks on Palestnian resistance and the pro-Israeli re-writing of history.

Israel’s genocidal attack on Gaza illustrated Israel’s use of its Dagan Plan, using Israeli civilian deaths as an excuse to cause massive Palestinian casualties and its Dahiya Doctrine, causing such extensive destruction that it would take decades to recover, thus weakening the government.  Israel not only targeted civilians (Washington Blog) (almost 2200 were murdered, with 11,000 injured) but also targeted the civilian infrastructure such as UN facilities, schools, hospitals, clinics, ambulances and medics, virtually every mosque, and the only power plant, which provided potable water.  Hundreds of thousands were left homeless;  entire families were wiped out; entire neighborhoods were razed to the ground.  Gaza has been left with little food, no potable water, a lack of critical medical supplies, electricity, or even material to rebuild with.

According to recent media accounts, Hamas was responsible for the devastation of Gaza:  Hamas not only supposedly kidnapped and murdered the three settler students on June 12th, they also initiated the attacks on Israel, forcing Israel to “defend itself” by obliterating Gaza’s infrastructure and devastating their population.  Hamas, according to such accounts, refused legitimate ceasefire deals and even broke the temporary ceasefires.  Israel appears to be the victim of fiendishly clever Hamas which forced Israel to commit genocide (Cohn) — causing it very bad press — all for no good reason.

Most media coverage omits the important background to the situation in Gaza:

Ÿ  Hamas won the 2006 election held throughout the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip because of its reputation for integrity, its concern for social welfare, and its insistence that Israel acknowledge Palestinian rights under international law;

Ÿ  Gaza is under Israeli military occupation: Israel’s total control of Gaza’s land, sea and air access has turned it into the world’s largest open-air  prison. Since those under occupation are legally allowed to fight for their freedom, Palestinians have the legal right to bear arms;

Ÿ  Instead of acknowledging any Palestinian rights, Israel called Hamas “terrorist” and has arrested both legislators and members by virtue of their membership; Israel even stole Hamas tax moneys;

Ÿ  Israel imposed an illegal humanitarian siege on Gaza in 2006, tightening it in September 2007 to the extent that food, medical supplies, building supplies, school supplies, even soap and detergent have been banned; the restrictions, which cause permanent stunting of children and poor health throughout Gaza (Gilbert), have been compared to the notorious Warsaw Ghetto.  This siege has been censored or minimized in our media. Gazans supported the Hamas attempt to force Israel to lift this siege, claiming that they would rather die than return to those conditions (Sourani)

Ÿ  On June 2, the “unity government” of Fatah and Hamas was sworn in, and much to Israel’s chagrin, with official American support;  Israel no longer had an excuse to refuse negotiations.

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