Michael Tsarion - Age of Manipulation

30/11/2011 15:02


     Michael Tsarion lectures in Göteborg, Sweden in March, April, and May of 2010.


When watching the following lecture, please endeavor to do so with an open mind and do not take everything Michael Tsarion has to say as the Gospel truth.  The information and unconventional knowledge being presented by Tsarion should provoke you to pursue your own research towards educating yourselves and discovering your true purpose in life.

The aim of this unconditioning of the mind is to be aware of these external machinations (and they do exist) which wish to manipulate us for their own personal gain (power and money), not to mention our own self-imposed ignorance which only helps them to achieve just that.

Hopefully, as we continue to take the necessary but liberating steps towards self-knowledge, wisdom and peace, we may or may not edge ever closer to this elusive “Truth” that we seek.  However, this truth is to be surprisingly found where most of us dare not to look – within oneself.

So, the goal of Tsarion’s “Age of Manipulation” lecture is to at least help us expand our minds towards discerning a world that we think we know with hopefully a more clearer perspective, or at least an objective reality of what’s really going on within these corrupt man-made societies in which we live.

Although most of the information being presented in the lecture will no doubt be automatically labeled with the usual ignorant responses such as “conspiracy theory” or “new age nonsense”, does not make it completely untrue or something you cannot learn from.

This is what this blog is all about – forget what you think you know.  We are all in need of a huge awakening dose of a knowledge reform, which will hopefully improve the individual and the world for the better.


The Age of Manipulation series by Michael Tsarion was held during the spring 2010 in Gothenburg Sweden. This is from part one. March 14 2010.

This series of presentation has the overall title “Age of Manipulation – Spells, Scorcery and the World’s Awakening”. One of the main themes in Michael Tsarion’s work and in this series could be summarized by quoting the chinese philosopher and statesman Kong Zi, also known as Confucius:

“Signs and symbols control the world, not phases and laws”

According to Michael Tsarion, Human Beings are programmed like machines. They do not own their own thoughts and minds. Great teachers emphasize that every person shares responsibility for the state of decay in the world. This is because the human mind makes the world. But if the mind has been colonized then men are not free to think or act sanely and virtuously. In “Age of Manipulation,” Michael Tsarion investigates how the “mind robbers” control thought and behavior, so that man remains in physical and spiritual bondage. During Michael’s presentation you will discover the origin of the symbolism incorporated into the logos, emblems, and insignias of major governments, political parties, corporations, and media-created television commercials and programs. In Michael’s multi-media presentation (showing symbols and movie clips), you will learn how hidden persuaders has worked through the ages to control thought and alter behavior. Michael’s presentation is compulsory viewing for those who wish to see an end to global slaveocracy. As Michael reminds us, before there can be revelation and illumination, there must be education.

The War on Consciousness and the World’s Awakening

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