NYP, Jaco, Jim and the others: A Study in High-level Police Cover-up

06/07/2014 00:25
NYP, Jaco, Jim and the others:  A Study in High-level Police Cover-up

NYP, Jaco, Jim and the others:  A Study in High-level Police Cover-up

  • a round-up by TIM HICKS (in the run-up to the publication of  DAN DAVIES’S definitive JIMMY SAVILE biography “In Plain Sight”), of events up to and including the Operation Hibiscus investigation by North Yorkshire Police into Jimmy Savile, Peter Jaconelli and others.


Recently, NYE published a very moving ‘Letter to the Editor from Ian Shimmin of HOPE (Healing Our Past Experiences), a Scarborough-based charity committed to supporting people who have been affected by sexual, physical and emotional abuse, sexual assault and rape.

It was a very moving letter. Ian stated:

“HOPE received nearly 50 referrals in the first 3 months of 2014 alone. In large part this is a consequence of the media coverage around the horrendous abuses by Jimmy Saville. Sadly for the town of Scarborough Saville was not a lone predator. Hope has known for years about the abuses of other high profile individuals in the town who preyed on vulnerable boys and girls in the area but has not been able to gather enough evidence to take action. In effect this was a paedophile ring operating in our midst. That it continued when it was common knowledge that people such as Jaconelli were able to act with apparent impunity begs questions of the authorities. Why were investigations and actions not taken earlier? HOPE will continued to work to expose and bring to justice all perpetrators of abuse wherever they are and whoever they are.”

NYE has also consistently alleged that there was a major paedophile vice-ring operating in Scarborough involving high-profile individuals, which was protected by North Yorkshire Police, primarily because of the influence the leader of the Jaconelli Ring had as Mayor

Organised crime can only exist side by side with Police Corruption.  In this case the corruption has been endemic; both historic (prior to the deaths of Jaconelli in 1999 and Savile in 2011) and current (after the exposure of Savile). Herewith, we document it:

Historic corruption:  Scarborough Police Station 1951 to 1999

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