CISPA about to become law: we list the companies that back it…and introduce its new friend, ‘RIOT’

11/02/2013 06:15

It is reported that the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection act (CISPA) will become law in less than 48 hours time. Rumour has it that the White House plans to introduce an executive order on cyber security after the State of the Union address on Wednesday. Apparently, the order has been in the works for months, following a spate of cyber espionage and hacking attacks. We wait to see what happens. Meanwhile, we also report that CISPA has a friend, called RIOT (see below for more details and video above).

CISPA was combatted by many prominent persons as well as organisations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which played a leading role in the campaign to ensure the bill never became law. Another opponent was the late Aaron Swartz via the Demand Progress organisation. Unlike Swartz, CISPA is very much alive and a threat to all Americans. Around 800 companies have, crucially, provided backing to CISPA – these are listed below.

A. CISPA’s new friend

To complement CISPA, there is RIOT, the new product from the defence company, Rayethon, and which is featured in the above video. RIOT will use GPS and other technologies to track people anywhere in the world. It also boast predictive capabilities (work out the most likely location the target will go to next). RIOT will basically search, analyse and organise all social network content globally. To see more on RIOT, click here . Note, the RIOT (Raytheon Information Overlay Technology) Content Management Framework development team are Patrick Mao, Ruben Quintero, and Brian Urch.


B. CISPA summarised

The CISPA bill will be the same as the version that passed the House last spring, but which was defeated on the Senate floor in August because the Upper House was hammering out its own cyber security bill. In essence, CISPA will allow for the voluntary sharing of Internet traffic between private companies and the government. CISPA will enable companies to hand over users’ private browsing information to the Government, allowing authorities to spy upon American citizens rather than simply track down cyber threats.

To see how CISPA will affect you, click here .

C. CISPA’s backers

Note that some companies backing CISPA state they represent their member companies – hence, the 800 (e.g. CTIA represents T-Mobile, Sybase, Nokia, and Qualcomm). Some of the links go to a downloadable letter, others to an URL.

06-27-12 – Michigan Department of Military & Veterans Affairs, Lansing Supporting CISPA

04-25-12 – American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers Letter to Boehner & Pelosi Supporting CISPA

04-25-12 – American Petroleum Institute Supports CISPA

04-25-12 – 11 Financial Trade Associations Support CISPA

04-24-12 – SIMFA Letter of Support for CISPA

04-23-12 – ASIS Letter Supporting HR 3523

04-23-12 – 9 Utilities Groups Support CISPA

04-20-12 – TechNet Sends Letter of Support for CISPA to Rogers and Ruppersberger

04-18-12 – Multiple Tech Association Letter to Boehner & Pelosi in support of CISPA

04-17-12 – Bay Area Council Supports CISPA

04-17-12 – TechAmericaSupports CISPA

Multi-industry Letter to Speaker Boehner & Minority Leader Pelosi on CISPA :

AT&T, Boeing, BSA, Business Roundtable, CSC, COMPTEL, CTIA – The Wireless Association Cyber, Space and Intelligence Association, Edison Electric, EMC, Exelon, Facebook, The Financial Services Roundtable, IBM, Independent Telephone & Telecommunications Alliance, Information Technology Industry Council, Intel, Internet Security Alliance, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, National Cable & Telecommunications Association, NDIA, Oracle, Symantec, TechAmerica, US Chamber of Commerce, US Telecom – The Broadband Association, Verizon.

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