Shocking Infographic Shows Extent of US Government Corruption

14/05/2014 18:35

Infographic demonstrates federal corruption, details how the US government has become totally beholden to big business

The below infographic (I’m not sure who originally created it, please let me know if you know) viscerally demonstrates the “revolving door phenomenon,” whereby staff from big business are brought on in government lobbying or legislative positions relating to their previous jobs—often going back and forth between both the public and private sectors.

A notable example of this is Michael R. Taylor, the Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the US FDA, who has moved between the FDA, USDA and agribusiness giant Monsanto, where he was the Vice President for Public Policy. Taylor is allegedly responsible for making sure the FDA didn’t regulate GMOs. (For more on this, as well as the revolving door in general, check the Ultraculture book Monsanto vs. the World.)

But Taylor is only one example of the revolving door, as you’ll see below, in a map of the ties of the federal government to big oil, Comcast, GE, Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, and media & pharmaceutical conglomerates.

Revolving Door Policy



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