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At 1 pm on 16 March, people opposed to the #BedroomTax will be gathering in city centres in more than 50 locations throughout the UK to protest against the policy - STOP the BEDROOM TAX !

CURRENT CAMPAIGN in the UK : For details anti Bedroom Tax Protests -

Two NATIONAL demo's are taking place on 30th March (SCOTLAND) Anti Bedroom Tax Protest in Scotland & (LONDON)

We need jobs, we demand quality in life, we demand the ability to live in dignity, we are not animals, we are not vermin - we're human beings.

A government is suppose to provide a standard of living, protection & opportunity to provide for their kids - an adequate welfare state to protect when required.

Criminality at work .....
David Cameron & the Conservatives along with Liberal Democrats are systematically destroying our 'welfare state'.

Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants rejects capitalism, we need & we require a planned economy - we strive for socialism..

MORE information regarding campaigns : National Bedroom Tax Campaign Day of Action 16/03/13
BEDROOM TAX L abour Against the Bedroom Tax Bin the Bedroom Tax Dunde e Manchester Bedroom Tax Protest

CURRENT CAMPAIGN in the UK : For details anti Bedroom Tax Protests - -

Wrexham (Queen's Square 30/03/13 at 1pm) Shelley Streeter, Hannah Morris & Brian Moylan
Wolverhampton (The Civic Centre 30/03/13, at 1pm) K. Williams
Widnes (Widnes Market 30/03/13 1pm) Michelle Bridge
West Kent (Tonbridge 30/03/13 at 1pm)
Warrington (Golden Gates 30/03/13 at 1pm) Sharon Liddle
Wallasey (Wallasey Town Hall 28/03/13 at Midday) Dawn Grant
Teesside (details soon) Lawrie Coombs
Swindon Town (Swindon Town Centre, 30/03/13 at 1pm) Anne Snelgrove
Swansea (City Centre 30/03/13 at 1pm) Louise Sian Gibbard
Stroud (Stroud High Street, 30/03/13, at 10.30am) John Drake & David Drew
Scunthorpe (High Street 30/03/13 at12.30pm) Chris Adcock
Salisbury (30/03/13 at 1pm)
Redhill, Surrey (more soon)
Portsmouth (Town Centre 30/03/13 at 1pm) Dave Murphy
Plymouth (The Sundial 30/03/13 at 1pm) Charlene Sibley
Norwich (City Hall 30/03/13 at 1pm) Norwich aginst the Bedroom Tax
Northampton (The Guildhall, 30/03/13, at 1pm) R. Anjona
North Staffs (Newcastle-under-Lyme 30/03/13 at 1pm) Matthew Wright
Newcastle (Grey's Monument 06/04/13 at 1pm) Joanne Walker feat. Chi Onwurah MP & Ian Mearns MP
Milton Keynes (Bletchley, Old Co-Op 30/03/13 at 11am) Neil Williams
Middlesbrough (Town Centre 30/03/13 at 11am) feat. Andy McDonald MP
Manchester (Piccadilly Gardens 30/03/13 1pm) (non-Labour Left alliance) Lee Jasper
Loughborough ('The Sock Man' / Town Hall 06/04/13 at 12pm)
London (Trafalgar Square 30/03/12 at 1pm)
Liverpool (30/03/13, at 1pm) - Left wing coalition (non-Labour)
Lincoln (Speakers' Corner 30/03/13 at 1pm) T.U.S.C.
Leigh (Bradshawgate 30/03/13 at 11.00am) Jo Platt feat. Andy Burnham MP
Leicester (Clock Tower, 30/03/13 at 1pm) Susan Barton
Leeds (Town Hall 30/03/13 at 1pm) Mags Newsome
Kidderminster (Town Hall 30/03/13 at 1pm) Ellen Walker
Ipswich (Town Hall, 30/03/13 at 1pm) David Hough
Uttoxeter (Town Hall, 30/03/13, at 11am) Andrew Bettridge & Jon Wheale
Glasgow (Assemble at Glasgow Green 11:30) Alan Wyllie feat. Tommy Sheridan
Exeter (Bedford Square, 30/03/13 at 1 pm) Exeter Against Cuts
Ellesmere Port (Town Centre 30/03/13 at 1pm) Ray McHale
Edinburgh (St Andrews Square 30/03/13 1pm) Debbie Richardson
Derby (Council Offices 30/03/13 at 1pm) feat. Chris Williamson MP
Darlington (Town Hall 30/03/13 at 1pm) James Doran
Crawley (Queen's Square 23/03/13 at 1pm) Debbie Simmons
Coventry (Council House 11/04/13, at 1pm) Dan Crowther
Cornwall (Truro 30/03/13 at 1pm) Cornwall Against Cuts
Corby (Corby Cube 30/03/13 12.30pm) Karen McCluskey feat. Andy Sawford MP
Cirencester (Council Offices, Trinity Road 26/03/13, at 1pm)
Carlisle (Town Market 30/03/13 at 1pm) Jacqueline Champney feat. Lee Sherriff
Cardiff (City Hall 30/03/13 at 1pm) "Cardiff Against the Bedroom Tax"
Cambridge (City Centre 06/04/13, at 1pm) Ms L. Agate
Burton (High street, 30/03/13, at 1pm) Jon Wheale
Bristol (College Green, 30/03/13 at 1pm)
Brighton (Clock Tower 30/03/13 at 1pm)
Bradford (City Centre 30/03/13, at 1pm)
Birmingham (30/03/13, at 1pm) DPAC
Belfast (QUB Student's Union 30/03/13 at 1pm) Constance Dunlop

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