The Engineered Fall of Syria: Extensive Intelligence and Paramilitary Network Exposed

23/10/2012 21:47


 The decomposition of the ruling elite

One of the most important in the “Battle for Syria” activities of foreign intelligence services is to establish or resume contact with the functionaries of Assad, inducing them to flee and to provide them safe passage. First of all, this problem is implementing the French DGSE, which organized the flight from Syria Brigadier Manaf Tlaasa and several other senior functionaries of the regime. Part of this work take on the Qatari and Saudi secret services, who mixed success trying to persuade him to move to the opposition Syrian diplomats.

Providing intelligence

Especially important are the U.S. and, to a lesser extent, the French secret service to supply the opposition intelligence on troop movements regime and data radio communications. The latter is carried out with Turkey, Israel, from specially equipped ships in the Mediterranean. Equally important is the work of spy satellites, the information with which regularly transmits the opposition, allowing it time to go away from the blow of government forces or, alternatively, to make successful raids.

Education militants

A particularly important task of the secret services of Western countries regarding Syria – training opposition forces and facilitate their transfer to the conflict zone. Since the beginning of the summer this year in neighboring Syria, the country, including Jordan and Turkey, came strength of special units from the U.S., UK and France, as well as enhanced staff stations in those countries under the pretext that they are needed for the case where the Assad regime will collapse and will need as soon as possible to control of chemical weapons in order to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Salafis.

But this was only one of the tasks of Western intelligence services. Thus, the Turkish and French press reported that French intelligence services are engaged in Turkey specialized training for street fighting militants. There is evidence of participation in the training of British intelligence and special forces.

According to sources from Amman, in Jordan only, which is the second most important “springboard” struggle for Syria, finalizing the above “10,000 Libyans”, after which they must throw on Syrian territory. This includes not only the citizens of Libya, and other North African countries, including notable are Algerians and Egyptians.

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