The Function Of The Ego

26/02/2013 17:21

By Blair Lorimer (GNC Editor) © 2012 All Rights Reserved

The ego is a necessary part of the human mind. Even though, many thousands of years ago, it may not have it was not, it would be very difficult to survive without it. So, when we talk about "ridding ourselves of our ego", it has to be put into context that, this does not mean wiping the ego totally from the mind, but rather, puting it back into its' normal function, as self preservation device for the mind/body.

If there was a time when humans lived without ego, they were at one with nature and there were no physical or existential threats to them. They lived without knowledge of fear. Due to Earth changes, planetary movements and cataclysms wreaked upon the population, the ego was born. If it had not, maybe the population on this planet would not have survived.
It served its' function...that of protecting the mind/body from freezing into immobility when outside trauma threatened physically or psychologically. Seen in this way, it becomes clear that the ego is vital to the survival of the species.
Think of it as the barrier between outside
events and the inner perception of them. Someone experiencing an event that is extremely traumatic, something that the mind cannot cope with in its' entirety, will have most of that trauma repressed by the ego, so the mind/body can cope. This may involve life or death situations and the ability of the mind to continue working under severe stress, can literally mean, the difference between living or dying.
What happens to the trauma? Well, it is stored in the mind/body cell deep. It is there, until it can be accessed and let out through feeling. The gateway to it, will be the memories of the person. This is the "way in". This is where the ego may try to protect the mind/body again, and try to resist upcoming trauma from being felt. It is still seen as a threat to the person...and in a way it is. If the process is not done in incremental stages, a little at a time, then there is still the possibility of the stored, unfelt trauma, to cause the same mind/body effect that the initial trauma would.
If this process of release can be done properly...the system can rid itself of all the stored trauma, and heal. If the person is unable to do this, repressed trauma can have lasting effects on the body/mind that are not healthy. More on this later, but first let me give an example of how this may work, on a mild to mid level traumatic event:
Lets say you are walking down the street...all of a sudden you witness a car hit a pedestrian who is crossing the is a very bad
accident. After the initial shock of witnessing kick into action. (this is now the ego doing its' job) instead of freezing on the spot and being overwhelmed by the horrific event, you rush over to the badly injured pedestrian and check that they are still alive, you turn them on their side very slowly so they do not choke on their tongue and put your jacket under their head. You tell them that it is going to be ok...and you call for the ambulance on your phone. Meanwhile, the driver of the car is standing by his door, unable to move, holding his hands to his face and repeating "I couldn't stop...I couldn't stop" over rand over (he has gone into shock, a shutdown response to trauma). The emergency services arrive and takes the injured person to the hospital.
You give your statement to the police and then finally you go home. Now, all this has happened in a blur, you have not absorbed the horror of it all...lets say, that 20% of that last half hour you felt...and 80% you repressed, so that you were able to continue functioning. It is only when you get home and sit down, that the 80% hits you...(not all at once...just bits of it) you may begin to shake, cry and start having the detailed memories of the incident. This is the natural function that would take place. Only after the event, would you be able to deal with the experience you underwent. This may continue for some time. When you have a quiet space, the memories may rise to the surface of consciousness to be felt in their emotional context. Thus, healing can take place.
If you never had a moment to
deal with this, the trauma/memory would continue to be held in the body/mind until you could. Obviously this can vary from person to person and should not be seen as a "one size fits all" description.
Apologies for creating such an emotive scene...but if just reading a fictional account of a traumatic event can induce strong emotional reactions...imagine what witnessing them first hand would do to a persons psyche.


Now that we have a clear understanding of the basic (natural) function of the Ego, let us explore the other subtle manifestations of Ego and how it plays a role in mass mind control. As mentioned in the previous post, the Ego will protect the mind/body/soul from feeling trauma that has already entered the psycho-physiology of the bio-organism. This, again, is a natural protection method, where the Ego defenses see the trauma as a threat and will actively supress it, if it seems too much for the mind/body/soul to cope with. Now, just because the Ego determines that trauma rising to the conscious level is a threat, does not necessarily mean that it is. Also, just because the Ego is defending against trauma rising, does not mean that it is over-reacting in its' attempts to keep it repressed. There is no "set rule" about what can, and cannot be felt and dealt with by the mind/body of any individual, as we are all individual in how much or how little we can cope with, and this may even vary from day to day, week to week and so on. A general rule would be, less is more.
Trauma coming to the conscious level for connection and re-intergration with the system has a much better chance of being accepted by the body/mind, if it is in incremental parts. It can be a long, slow process of recovery, but it is much better for the person concerned, than too much at once, which will send the system into shutdown, preventing any conscious connection taking place. Here we have the duality, even in its' natural functions, of how the Ego works. Both as protector of the system, and also, the unbeknown threat to it, for if trauma is not released from mind/body, it can have devastating effects on the natural functions and thought processes of the individual.
When you look around at the myriad of problems that we face on our planet; war, exploitation, pollution, crime and all manner of dysfunction, from the personal to the national level, all you are seeing are the symptoms of the problem, and the problem is unfelt trauma. Instead of being conscious and dealing with our inner pain, we run from it, and are therefore "unconscious" in our mindset. Gladly repressing uncomfortable truths about our emotional scars, we have given ourselves over to the Ego world and the handrails it provides. Why suffer, and feel bad, when you can repress those feelings away somewhere safe? Sometimes so far down into the unconscious, that you forget about them, and then, forgot that you forgot.
This aquiesance of control to the Ego is the root of our current neurotic pathology. No-one wants to feel bad, no-one wants to get wants to FEEL. The little understood language of emotion is something that humanity has to re-discover if there is any chance of breaking the cycle of despair and pathological self-destruction that we are now on. Life cannot be a one season world, where only good feelings can be felt, and desires met. The ultimate paradox is, that as we run from the pain, we cause more of it.
This is where possible manipulation and insidious control methodologies can be applied from those who understand how to use both trauma, and the repression of it, as weapons against individuals and populations. Social engineers, marketers, advertisers, corporations, military and many such groups and institutions know how this inner turmoil can be used for their benefit.
If people can be kept traumatized and repressed at the same time, they then become much easier to manipulate. Fear is the tool, and Ego is the target.

(To Be Continued)

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