The New Age Tactical Spiritual Military Industrial Complex

23/07/2014 22:39

Thomas Sheridan | Assoc. Editor, The US Independent

Remember who you really are…

The New Age Tactical Spiritual Military Industrial Complex supports murder and genocide. What is happening in Gaza today will eventually take place in London, Dublin, New York, Lisbon, Barcelona, Oslo, Glasgow, Melbourne, Stockholm, Auckland and Cape Town and wherever you are reading this article. Notice is being served upon all humanity. Not just the people of the Gaza strip. The hunt is on and we are all the prey of NATO and the Globalists. The main tactic for keeping us easy targets in the West right now is the New Age Tactical Spiritual Military Industrial Complex.

eckhart.tolle.gaza.israel_theusindependentEckhart Tolle is your enemy. Seek to destroy what he represents. Straight on to Oprah from out of nowhere. He plays the ‘I’m Gentle’ persona. So fake and so very, very dangerous. Men are warriors – we are not meant to be like this. The neutered man-boy who will never be a man and who only grows up to be the daughter of himself. 
He is a creation of the Tactical Spiritual Military Industrial Complex. “Lie down and let the world savage you.” – that’s all he says. The children in Gaza being burnt alive by phosphor bombs need to send more light towards the IDF helicopter gunships apparently. Russell Brand issuing platitudes such as “we need to shift our narrative” is the same mindless ‘come and slaughter us all’ bullshit. 
These gurus will never come out and say what needs to be really said.
There is only one quote relating to the Gaza situation which can be made: “Israel/NATO, fuck off and stop being an evil genocidal hit man for the Globalists.” Everything else is either a cop-out or hidden approval of the Psychopathic Control Grid.

All these New Age bullshitters, from the ones who talk to aliens and tell people to wait for an event (which never arrives) to the ‘Free Energy is coming soon’ pimps, all have to be ignored. It’s all a psy-op – all of it. 

Laurel Canyon and the Hippie Movement wasn’t just about music. 

Same rule applies to these New Age ‘Rainbow Warriors’ and Pentagon psy-ops such as Burning Man. Burning Man is Babylon, and a desecration of the Native Americans and their land. It is filth and excrement based on money and organised stupidity. This is but one example of the New Age Tactical Spiritual Military Industrial Complex at work to fool us all. There is no deep meaning, no emotional and psychological ‘relief’ or ‘purging’ at such events. It only ends up pushing the Shadow down deeper until it explodes as resentment and blame.
We are surrounded by the living Gods of our homelands. They live in the rivers, in the trees and within the spirits of the animals of the forest. They are all uniquely local to the culture and are hard-wired into your DNA from your ancestors and are just waiting to be found again. You can get there by communicating with your ancestors; via everything from entering and becoming ‘found’ in the natural landscape, to owning a sword, banging a drum, to making your own clothes from natural yarns as well as working with the natural materials our ancestors worked with. Read and listen to the legends and sagas; it unleashes dormant aspects of the psyche which will serve you better than having your Western mind subjected to Amazonian and Tibetan rituals. 
We are not from those places. Our DNA has no connection to them. 

This is why the Control Grid seeks to separate us from the real nature of our homelands and make the natural world our ‘victim’, forever in danger of being destroyed so we never discover our true identity. 

The Earth cannot be destroyed by humans. We are not the enemy of nature. We are nature. 

The Psychopaths in Charge are an outside virus making us think this way; with everything from Monotheism to New Age bullshit. They do not want us working with wood, collecting seaweed and other wild foods, swimming in wild rivers and looking at the real stars above our heads in the night sky.

The Globalists also know the power of, and fear the awesome energy in the archetypes of our ancestors and hence, why they imported Monotheism into our homelands and then later invented the New Age to stop us rediscovering our true identity. They maintain control by making false races and false religions – which they created – and then have them fight and blame each other. Then they tell us the only way out of this quagmire is New Age Bullshit or the Agenda 21 techno-gulags.

The Psychopathic Control Grid especially hates it when Europeans start discovering their roots. It has now reached the stage where more people of European ancestry are looking towards imaginary aliens and space fairies in other galaxies than even considering incorporating the rich pre-Christian heritage and spirituality of their real, living Teuton, Viking, Gael, Anglo-Saxon, Goth, Celtic and Slavic ancestors into their own lives.

Likewise, they do not want African Americans feeling ‘African’ and they have done everything to slaughter and remove the Gypsies and the Native Americans. At the end of the day, all organic cultures the world over are equally worthy of respect and must be kept undistorted by the New Age Tactical Spiritual Military Industrial Complex and imported Middle Eastern Monotheism.

Your own native culture is your only realistic path to finding meaning in your own life. 

Your DNA is wired into the landscape and arts/stories of your ancestors. Honour this, no matter from whence your ancestors came. Your roots go back to the people who built the incredible stone monuments and crafts they have left us. They were the creations of YOU and not some aliens who arrived in a spaceship.

The New Age, just like Monotheism, is about making us forget who we were meant to be. All of us humans.

Laugh at these clowns such as Eckhart Tolle and ignore them. Then get busy finding the answer – not in the Amazon or Tibet, but under your own feet.


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