The Plan for Recovery and the Future

21/09/2011 14:56

1) Audit the Federal Reserve

2) Remove all industry insiders from their positions in the government, former corporate executives, etc… [e.g.; Anyone who may through his position influence government policy to the benefit of the industry that he was formerly employed by in any way, however small].

3) Make it illegal for people to move from government to corporate positions or vice versa where any influence or connections could be used for personal or corporate gain [e.g.; No pharmaceutical company employee may be employed in the FDA or the reverse].

4) Nationalize the Federal Reserve

5) Remove all former financial industry employees from positions in the Treasury department

6) Open the Federal Reserve lending window for direct state grants for infrastructure repair.

7) Nationalize all previously privatized infrastructure projects and give them back to the states in which they are located, this includes interstates, toll roads, water plants, sewage treatment plants, power plants, etc.

8) Provide no interest loans to anyone FOR production purposes, for real tangible product manufacture

9) Real financial reform, tax derivatives, and all esoteric financial products [Tobin Tax], as trading decreases because of taxes eventually make them illegal.

10) Expand and fund Medicare fully, make it better, negotiate payments with hospitals and doctors

11) Use Medicare and government buying power to negotiate lower drug prices or lacking any true progress with this enact price controls or import drugs from other countries

12) Single payer healthcare reform: Non-profit institution manned by non-industry affiliated doctors to act as a single payer for all healthcare transactions. Made as simple as possible by mandating that all care deemed medically necessary by your doctor, after following generally accepted practices of care and diagnostics, be paid.

13) End all wars. Bring troops home from all foreign stations, over time, slowly and safely. Excepting where we have a vested important and imminent national security reason for being there AND we are WANTED by the country itself. In the latter case our troops should be reduced to the barest minimum.

14) Modernize our military and upgrade our nuclear arsenal, modernize them and make them safer and more effective.

15) Decriminalize all drug USE, and possession of PERSONAL USE amounts.

16) After a period of time of decriminalization gradually phase in legalizing of drugs, taxing and controlling their distribution.

17) Reform the ballot system in all states so that it is much easier to get on the ballot for all elected offices [encourage the states to adopt a universal standard that is mutually agreed upon by the states themselves].

18) Create new modern power plants, highways, water plants, etc.

19) Rebuild the inner cities by providing block grants to cities who present realistic plans for razing structures and for building new affordable housing, green spaces, and intercity transportation projects.

20) Provide direct state grants for the development of light rail, maglev, and other high speed interstate and inner state mass transit.

21) Indefinite Moratorium on foreclosures.

22) Automatic interest rate reduction for anyone with a mortgage interest rate above 7%, down to 7% fixed rate.

23) National usury law, cap credit card interest rates at 10%.

24) Tie executive pay to the pay of regular workers by some formula which considers basic morality and negates greed.

25) Forbid companies from laying off or firing rank and file workers until AFTER management is cut AND all fringe benefits, incentives, stock options, and etc., have been cut.

26) End foreign aid to ALL countries unless there is a demonstrably legitimate, imminent, and incredibly important reason for keeping it [i.e.; huge natural disaster] . Restrict aid to any foreign countries if there are any people in this country that do without the basics of life. Help for the home front BEFORE foreign aid.

27) End corporate dominance of the FDA and USDA and demand that true and accurate labeling be enforced on all products to show all additives, such as GMO’s, RBgH, and antibiotics. This will ultimately result in an empowered consumer.

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