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Recorded 10th September 2014
Part 1

Walpurgis Night: Volume One 1919-1933

"This book, the first in a trilogy, has been the most difficult project I have worked on to date, and without a doubt, also the most enlightening. I went from being an atheist (with a small 'a') when I started it, to now believing that there are other forms of consciousness which exist in this world, and the battles which take place on this earth are a reflection of battles which began beyond the human psyche.

This is a major admission for me, as I have spent years trying to avoid such ideas. In the coming years, as the trilogy develops, I will be talking about everything from how we need to reclaim our European spiritual identity, and why we are a purposely damaged continent due to having been denied our own specific mythology and polytheistic archetypes by firstly, Monotheism, and then later by the New Age/Alien-Contactee Cults.

How this denial of a relationship to our own indigenous, uncorrupted Celtic/Gaelic-Nordic-Slavic-Anglo Saxon archetypes has then metastasised into a pathological malignancy which created Colonialism, National Socialism and Marxism (same thing), and why Anglo-American think-tanks such as the Fabians continue to destroy and alter our humanity to this day.

During the research and writing of this book, I have been subject to strange, vicious and disturbing events from the moment I began working on this project back in Spring 2012, and the part which these events eventually played in revealing the true nature of Jimmy Saville and the aristocratic networks which protected him, allowing me to see just how deep this strata of demented control runs throughout control structures and dogmas.

The roots of Communistic brutality and oppression is Monotheism.

The roots of Fascism is within corrupted Nordic magic, with a dash of imported Eastern brutality.

The occult in politics and mass media remains a fact once we understand what magic actually is: the control of human perceptions. Why nothing is ever a coincidence. Why magic is real, whether you wish to believe it or not. Your leaders do, and use it all the time.

How we are still living in the Middle Ages socially and politically, and then how we can break these spells by rejecting the current non-compatible archetypes of the Middle-East, Amazon and Tibet which the elite foist upon us to confuse Westerners, and fill us with self-loathing, by the constant regurgitation of external salvation by Jehovah and Jesus archetypes in politics and showbiz. Then telling us we are helpless and in constant danger and can't survive without their guidance and salvation. Just like any psychopathic cult leader would brainwash their followers into believing. The ultimate black magic cult leader was Adolf Hitler. His Third Reich set the pathological template which all globalist control structures have modified and implemented to this day. Albeit, in more palatable formats.

It is time to harness their 'Electronic God' for our own benefit and stop feeding it with energy.


Thomas Sheridan

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