Treatments for children with autism or autism spectrum disorders including a GFCF diet and HBOT

02/02/2013 02:32

A change in dietary regimen has been shown to reduce symptoms of Autism and Autism Spectrum behaviors. Many autistic children are allergic to gluten and to the protein in milk, casein, and both should be eliminated from their diet. This is called a GFCF diet, meaning gluten-free and casein-free.

Gluten and casein - Wheat and dairy

Casein is a protein in milk. Many people, children and adults, are reactive, sensitive or allergic to casein. This is different from lactose intolerance, which is an allergy to the sugars in milk. Because those
with autism tend to be reactive to casein, all dairy products should be avoided. Gluten is difficult to avoid, as it is in many products, but health food and specialty stores carry many products that are labeled gluten-free, including cookies, bread, pasta and crackers. Corn is another product to avoid, as it has been shown to trigger allergic digestion problems in autistic children. Corn sugar is added to many products as a sweetener, so it is important to read labels and buy nothing with corn sweeteners.

Add vitamins to
the diet

Good vitamins to add include:

Enzymes and probiotics
A good multi-vitamin
Vitamin C: 1000-3000 mg per day
Omega-3: 800 mg per day
Zinc: 50 mg per day
Vitamin D: 4000 mg per day
CoQ10: 10 mg per day

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for autism (HBOT)

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been shown to help with the digestive complaints and oxidative stress in autistic children.
HBOT can be used with home units, either rented or purchased. These home HBOT chambers are the same type used in the studies, and have been shown to produce the same good effects using 21 percent oxygen (the same as earth's air), as the 100 percent oxygen used in hyperbaric oxygen chambers available in hospitals and other commercial settings.

Remove sugar and artificial colors from the diet and add fiber

Avoid carbonated sodas as they can aggravate the symptoms of children with
autism. Add organic foods when possible. Great sources of fiber are found in cooked potatoes and apples.

Add B12 and folic acid - oral or injection

B12 and added folate is very important for children with autism. Tests are available to see if children are poor folaters. Folic acid can also be added if children can tolerate it.


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