What is Predictive Programming?

27/10/2010 21:23

The Weaponisation of Culture – Part 6. UTOPIA: Sales Pitch for Slavery.

By Sally Exoudhu.

Contributor To Oneworldscam/Sovereign Independent

…”some animals are more equal than others”.
George Orwell from Animal Farm.

Utopia for some:
Utopias depend on slaves. In an ideal utopia, the slaves should be
happy. Today’s slaves have bought into the con that the utopia is for
them. It is not, never was, and never can be. The slaves have
swallowed the utopia sales pitch, hook line and sinker. Utopias are
for the elites and the slaves are there for the sole purpose of
serving the elites as slaves have always done, and as the elites hope,
always will. However, if slaves could see, the shackles and the
chains, they would not put their heart into their slavery; such slaves
are bothersome, sluggish, and need the master’s riding crop and lash
on their bare skin. This is an old fashioned, outdated and cumbersome
form of slavery and is inefficient when it comes to running the New
World Order.

The utopia in which we slaves now live is constantly upgraded, and
made more efficient. Inefficiency is a mortal sin when it comes to the
elite’s eugenics religion, the Darwin religion that sees us all as a
herd of domestic animals on their farm. The elites are perpetual war
advocates. They believe the world is “red in tooth and claw” and that
through war is the only way nature can ‘evolve’. It is perfectly
logical in an elite psychopathic brain to build utopia, as it should
be. Their idea of the natural order of the world is for those animals
of superior intellect at the top of the Darwinist pecking order, to do
whatever they want, and for the rest of us to do exactly what they
tell us, adapt, and preferably enjoy it. If we cannot adapt and enjoy
it, we will be manipulated and forced to, until we do adapt. Failing
that, there is only one final solution for a compassionate humane
elite scientific benevolent dictator to take, and that is to cull the
herd, so they can carry on enjoying their utopia. This they believe is
their birthright. The leftovers from the culling are to be upgraded
slaves. They are to be brainchipped and turned into automatons using
technology and pharmacy and genetic modification. This is the world as
it should be in the mind of the psychopathic elites, the inferiors
forever upgraded in their slavery, from this stage to the next stage
and the next stage and the next stage. This they call the never-ending

Predictive Programming.
How do the elites convince an entire global population of the need for
their own slavery and the need to pay for their own chains?  One thing
they need to do is convince humans that they are nothing more than
dumb animals in need of constant domestication and training.
Obviously, people would object to the insult if told this to their
face. Naturally, slaves have an insatiable desire for distraction from
the awful cruelty of their own slavery. Hostile ideas are introduced
unwittingly through predictive programming.

The elites treat us like little children. To understand predictive
programming, consider a predatory paedophile offering sweets or candy
to an innocent child. The naïve and trusting child has no idea the
rest of that his or her life is about to be destroyed. The pervert
seems charming and will tell stories and be nice. The storyteller may
even hint at what she or he is about to do, but the child is
entertained by it all. It’s just another big bad wolf story after all,
but an unfamiliar horrific idea has been planted in the child’s mind
to familiarise him or her with a future event. This breaks the child’s
fight-or-flight instinct. When that event actually takes place, the
ice has been broken and the initial shock is lessened thanks to the
storytelling. Another scenario might be where a charming rapist chats
someone up in a bar telling stories, cracking jokes and entertaining.
While the victim is completely mesmerised the predator drops something
into a drink and kidnaps the victim to carry out the disgusting acts.
The future has been already planned.

The mass media is the charmer and storyteller of everyday life.
Fiction is masking a business plan for the future, in the form of
soaps, comedies, talk shows, science fiction, so-called debates, the
‘news’ and other distractions. You relax, you switch off after a hard
day’s slavery mind, and you switch on your entertainment. You pay your
hard-earned money and you settle in to a good storyline as a
distraction from your slavery in the form of a novel, a television, a
cinema, a magazine, a computer game or newspaper. Your brain goes into
a hypnotic trance. If you are a man, you identify with the
warrior-hero, if you are a woman you identify with the charming
romantic-heroine, (although these days it is often hard to tell the
difference). You are held enthralled and ‘cliff-hanging’ and want to
know what the ending will be. You are given fictional friends and
enemies and want to see your given enemy get his or her comeuppance.
Everybody loves a good storyline. Very often these days you are
disappointed, though, as the whole thing is designed to depress,
disempower and destroy you. What you do not realise is that when your
defences are down you are being downloaded with ideas that, though
acceptable through fiction, would be horrible if they were to appear
in real life at any time in the future, and they will.

Once these ideas and situations have been slipped into your reality,
or dropped in surreptitiously, the ice has been broken in your natural
defence barriers, and the ideas and situations then can be introduced
to appear in real life and nobody complains. They feel somewhat
familiar and seem not as awful as they actually are. Predictive
programming has prepared the soil for the sowing of the seeds of the
New World Order hell-on-earth. The most unacceptable fascistic things
are appearing in the newspapers these days, and nobody complains.
Apart from the predictive programming, part of the reason nobody
complains is that, strategically placed next to the article are images
of scantily clad beautiful girls, boob babes, celebrities and gossip,
which means we really do not register the extent of the danger posed.
Weaponry is being used on us, and sciences are being applied which we
are unaware of. We are brainwashed and moulded into somebody else’s
version of what we ought to be. The media doles out reality on behalf
of the elites. It is their reality, not ours. Our lives have been
milked of our own reality and pumped full of someone else’s version of
our reality. This is why most people have not an original thought in
their heads, and anyone who has is considered crazy or a threat to

There are thousands of ways to live our lives. In fact, there are as
many ways as there are people on the planet, but there is only one way
that we are allowed to do so, through financial slavery.

We are slaves living through a script, sleepwalking into
the elite’s New World Order utopia – EUGENICS – . Our entire futures
have been planned out for us including our genetic modification, our
cloning, our mergence with technology, and our culling.

Science fiction:
If you want to be a successful science fiction writer, and I hope you
don’t, it’s easy. Go to the World Future Society who know the business
plan for the world’s future, tell them you are happy to be their
obedient slave, and ask them what they would like you to build a story
around. Build a story around the elements they give you. Have them
check it over, and over and keep them sweet until they are satisfied
with what you have put together for them. Then take your money from
them…and run. You will be hailed as a great visionary, a prophet, like
H.G. Wells. Your ego will burst and hunger for more fame and fortune.
Go back to them for the sequel.
Science fiction is a good example of how predictive programming is
working on us. Science fiction is always about utopia or dystopia,
which amounts to the same thing as far as slaves are concerned. We
become so wrapped up in the storylines that we cannot see the wood for
the trees. Few notice that in every science fiction story there is
ALWAYS invisibly, unnoticed or in the shadows, a sense of a great
ruling elite pulling all the strings behind the story. We are given a
Darwinist Animal Farm-type pecking order to be engrossed in whatever
the story, be it space aliens in Star Trek or creatures in Jules
Verne’s A Journey to the Centre of the Earth. When viewing these
science fiction stories we should ask ourselves one basic overarching
question. Where are the real farmers or beekeepers in charge of all
the lesser animals and insects? In other words, where are the elites
doing the depopulating and upgrading?

We can take just some examples of predictive programming.

Soylent Green (1973)
Soylent Green was perhaps one of the most sickening and barbaric
futuristic stories ever to hit the big screen back in 1973. People
lived in complete squalor with little or no food or hygiene in domed
supercities in the year 2022. The only things to eat were square
biscuits of various dyed colours and prices. Soylent Green was such an
engineered food made in an elitist impenetrable fortress-factory.
People lined up to commit suicide in suicide booths to soothing music.
Huge ‘scoop’ lorries came to shovel up so-called protestors in
bulldozer-type buckets and carried them off to the Soylent Green
fortress-factories. To cut a long story short, the people were killed
and their bodies processed into food for human consumption. In the
film, the people were cannibals without even knowing it, life being
debased beyond every stretch of the imagination.

The predictive programming comes in when we look at the well-heeled
murderer/author Martin Amis

who calls for euthanasia booths on street corners where people can
commit suicide with ‘a Martini and a medal’. Soylent Green was
fiction, right? And what about resomation, the latest ‘Green burial’
method whereby your body is flushed down the toilet

only to end up in the food and water supply, by accident or design?
That’s cannibalism, and ladies, what about foetal tissue in the
anti-ageing cosmetics you swallow, inject, and rub on to your bodies,
what is that but pure cannibalism? The useless eaters in Soylent Green
were unaware that they were eating people just as the useless eaters
in our society are eating people, but thanks to their barrage of
predictive programming they are either too stupid to notice or they
couldn’t care less. We have been trained by the weaponisation of
entertainment to accept cannibalism and participate in our own
genocide without any fuss on behalf of the elites. Sorry to wake you
up folks but the utopia you have been born into is seriously sick, and
getting sicker by the day. All this was planned long before Soylent
Green appeared.

The Futurama Series 1999-2003:
Cartoons seem pretty harmless and comical on the face of it. However,
cartoons can insert messages into the audience’s consciousness, which
undoubtedly appear in reality at a future date. The clue is in the
title, Futurama. Futurama also had suicide booths like Martin Amis’s
booths on the street, where you dropped in a coin, were cremated live,
and your dust was clinically vacuum-cleaned away. The series was full
of genetically modified mutants and robots. Transhumanism was
everywhere. Robots were more human and humans were more robotic. There
was a super masculine jackbooted woman with one huge grotesque eye
across her forehead. The same thing appeared later as a pair of
children’s playthings; toys, mascots for the 2012 Olympics to be held
in London called Wenlock and Mandeville.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEcT52By_aE&feature=related They are
horrible, terrifying, and not fit to be given to any child under any
circumstances. They resemble a penis, sex toy, or vibrator, and it
doesn’t take much imagination to see that they are one-eyed and
pyramid-shaped. Children’s cartoons are full of superheros queuing up
for their brainchips, which allow them to work miracles of all sorts.
This prepares them for their future as a programmable robotic slave
living in a fantasy dreamland as they spend their lives shovelling
excrement and being raped by their NWO masters…some miracles they’ll
be working.

Star Trek:

Star Trek, one of the longest running science fiction concepts, has
nothing to do with space. Star

Trek seems to have had unlimited funding. What Star Trek was about was the New

World Order. Anyone, with original thoughts or ideas, or anyone who
was not a team player was an enemy and portrayed as ugly, demonic or
just plain wrong. You were either ‘with us or with the terrorists’ …so
to speak. Star Trek was totally Darwinist, evolutionist and eugenics
based. Experts knew best and there were always species far more
evolved than little old you, just like in today’s scientific

The fallout:
In the wake of all this predictive programming going all the way back
to Thomas More’s Utopia in 1551 or even to Plato’s Republic, is it any
wonder that the elites can employ a United Nations ambassador to
welcome aliens to planet earth? This idiocy is the kind of absolute
lunacy that we slaves actually pay for.


Counter intelligence also uses science fiction to discredit anyone who
has hard-evidenced facts. The truth is mixed with the ridiculous so
that the baby is thrown out with the bathwater. An author may,
wittingly or unwittingly, be given a lot of truth to tell, but may
have said ridiculous things as regards space aliens, reptiles
far-right groups or far left groups etc. in the past. This makes a
good whodunit mystery story for some in need of entertainment, but for
anyone trying to seriously wake up the sleeping masses, being lured
into any association with individuals or groups that have at any stage
in their lives mixed science fiction with fact, sounds the death knell
as regards being taken seriously. To associate with the loony fringe
is to be the loony fringe. This is standard divide-and-rule counter
intelligence and it works like clockwork.

If you take money from somebody, you are their slave. If they take
money from somebody else, they are the slave of their employer, and so
on up the pyramid. What is money then? It is labour. Labour is taxing
on body, mind and spirit.  Society is a machine and we are economic
units of labour feeding the parasitic elites who own us. The elites
see us as nothing more than the metal from which the milling machine
or lathe is made or the metal being milled or turned. In fact, we are
less important than that, as the machinery will probably outlive us
and we will be dead and replaced by someone else. Predictive
programming makes all this cruelty acceptable. As we are entertained,
we adapt to our ever new and upgraded forms of slavery. We are
engineered into total obedience.

Human farming:
Society is a farm, and the farm is run as a well-oiled machine. We are
human livestock owned by human farmers. We, the livestock are kept in
cages, and fed and watered by our farmers. The key to all this is
money, in other words our labour. We imagine our farmers are
benevolent and that they offer us healthcare, clean water, and various
freedoms such as holidays. A farm animal is a slave. On the global
plantation, as or any plantation if the farmer plants his fields
further apart, that produces a higher yield of meat or milk, which
results in more profit for the farmer. During the industrial
revolution when humans were kicked off the land into the cities, the
ruling class acquired a huge stock of human capital, livestock their
labour to tax. Following the upgrading of the stolen lands as regards
slavery, the parasitic elites had great supplies of food to feed their
cities. They knew from history that the whip was cumbersome and
inefficient, and realised that allowing the livestock to choose their
own occupations would yield more profit to the farmers and keep the
animals content. The livestock imagined they were free.

Reform means longer chains and larger cages.

Voluntary servitude is far more productive and manageable than
servitude involving the whip. Businesses were allowed to spring up but
the mafia would send thugs around once a month to steal from the
business owners. Choosing a profession meant more productivity, which
meant more tax for the farmer. Freedoms were preserved because that
was more profitable to the farm owners. Keeping the livestock in the
ruler’s compound is done in three stages.

Firstly, the children must get a thorough education. They must be
indoctrinated into the belief that they were born to serve the State
and to pay tax. – School to work – This is not obvious to the
indoctrinators, as the children’s parents and teachers were
indoctrinated into the same belief system themselves and consider it
normal. Voluntary servitude cannot be made palatable and swallowed
within one generation. The elites know this. They plan hundreds of
years in advance and monitor the progress, and survey the
indoctrination and animal training, in secrecy, from the shadows.

The second phase is to pit the livestock against each other. Divide
them, rule them and keep them hating and attacking each other. This is
done by putting some of the livestock on the payroll of the parasitic
farmer. Those on the payroll will attack anyone who complains. Those
on the payroll will consider the disgruntled freedom-seekers a threat
to their privileged position, and shift the blame back on to those who
demand their freedom saying, “you will injure your fellow cows”. Union
leaders are allowed better salaries than the working caste livestock
they are supposed to represent. Police and teachers are allowed to
earn more than the other voluntary serfs do. This inequality is
designed to create conflict and hierarchy in order to serve different
It keeps the farm animals squabbling amongst themselves so they don’t
take the time out to look up above their heads and see who is pulling
everybody’s strings. It also keeps them busy and distracted while the
farmer moves them from one field into another more productive field.
If it costs the farmer more in feed and straw than the yield he gets
from the animals, the farmer simply culls the herd. It’s just

The third stage of keeping the livestock cooped up in domestication is
to create endless threats and fears, real or imagined. When the
animals are in constant terror they feel totally powerless and will
cling to the farmer for protection and hand over even more freedom. We
always work to buy our own chains. If we were to have more real wealth
and freedom, we would become a threat to the farmers, and eventually
we would begin to wonder why we need any rulers at all.
We might even leave the farm.

Human farm animals have to be kept fed, entertained, terrorised and
sexed-up. Noses constantly sunk in a trough of consumerism never smell
a rat. The mass media is the bucket that fills the trough with such
swill. Of course, the dumb animals are far too stupid to understand
any of this. They must be fed “the noble lie”. The nobility of the lie
these days is called perception management, or organisational
perception management. It used to be called public relations. Before
that, it was called propaganda. Its most accurate name is
brainwashing, but the absolute truth of it is that it is a barefaced
lie fed to the poor dumb animals for their own good, bless them.

Let’s just take a look around the farm and see what’s happening in the
utopian scientific dictatorship. There are shopping complexes where
the animals do not even have to walk. There is no time for that, we’re
all too busy. Convenience is slavery in disguise. Self-service does
away with staff. The slaves do the harvesting themselves, and that
means less salaries and more money for the farmer. Shoppers are moved
on conveyor belts called escalators and lifts, just like snacks
revolving in a sushi bar. Cafeterias have minimal staff. There are no
polite waiters or servers. Some are trained to smile a ‘believable’
smile. The food looks good but is unfit for human consumption. There
are no self-reliant shoemakers, tailors, hatters, fishmongers,
farmers, carpenters, tinkers, miners, potters, foresters or butchers
in a glitzy utopian shopping complex, or ‘Do It Yourself’ store.
Nobody does anything themselves in a DIY utopia. Slaves from slave
labour camps in places such as China, make so-called flat packs up for
dumbed-down slaves to assemble themselves at home in the west. Minimum
wage slaves sell them, and thanks to the organisational perception
management, the slaves all think they live in some utopia – utopia for
some. A generation ago, ordinary people could afford to get a
carpenter to put up shelves, a shoemaker to custom-make shoes, a
tailor to measure up and make clothes and a tinker to repair pots,
sharpen scissors and repair an umbrella, and it only took one
wage-slave to run a household, not two. Now everything is designed to
be dumped, even automobiles, and we sit back and tolerate this
rubbish, and don’t even start me on the recycling mafia!

The point is that we’ve been trained to become too dumb and stupid to
do anything for ourselves. All our useful skills, raw materials and
staff have been displaced. We live, not in a survival economy but in a
service economy, serving our masters, not by accident but by design.

Everything is insane when the penny finally drops and you see the
larger picture. Children are not interested in playing anymore unless
they have to pay to do it. It’s not fun unless it is plugged into a
wall or happens in a theme park. Childs play is a business as is the
battery farming called compulsory education, complete with
‘performance targets’. Paying for the privilege of staying alive is
not what I call freedom. Holidays and the leisure industry are where
you work to pay your masters for a break. Give me a break! Holidays
only make you more productive to the farmer. Holidaying itself is an
industry you paid for. Then, while you are on holiday, you are working
for the farmer and forking-out for it at every turn of the screw. The
practice of slaves, having to pay to work is far crueler than the
slavery itself. This is utopia for the farmer/elitist. If it weren’t
for holidays he would have to use his whip on your bare flesh, or hang
draw and quarter you in front of the neighbours as a lesson, to make
an example of you, to keep them all slaving away. History has shown
that to be inefficient. Holidays are a much more cunning and
profitable option.

What gives the elites the right to snatch your raw materials, farm you
like a dumb Darwinist animal and sell you your own SLAVERY under the
guise of freedom and UTOPIA?

Wake up! Break the mould!

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