What is the North American Union?

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What is the North American Union?   Look at the European Union and substitute "North American" for European.  Substitute the names of European countries for the states of the United States plus the countries of the Americas.   We are about a decade behind the European Union in consolidating power in the unelected, undemocratic supranational governing body.  We're still in the stage of integrating economies through 'free trade', but as soon as that is done, they will name this monster, the North American Union.

In the history of the European Union (link above), it states:

A key activity of the EU is the establishment and administration of a common single market, consisting of a customs union, a single currency (adopted by 12 of the 25 member states), a Common Agricultural Policy and a Common Fisheries Policy. On 29 October 2004, European heads of government signed a Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe, which is currently awaiting ratification by individual member states.

On November 29, 1994, Congressman Bill Richardson placed a speech titled "Free Trade for the Americas: Next Steps" by Ambassador Abelardo L. Valdez into the Congressional Record.  In the speech, Valdez says the following:

...our hemispheric neighborhood and the world have changed dramatically, and the small seed planted at Punta del Este is in the process of blossoming into a hemispheric free trade area, and, I predict, into a future Common Market of the Americas. The North American Free Trade Agreement (`NAFTA') has set the stage for achieving free trade throughout the Americas and strengthening the economic and political relations between the United States, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The North American Union is the integration of the United States, Canada and Mexico initially. The integration of our economies, harmonization of laws, open borders and national treatment de facto means the disintegration of these countries as sovereign nations. Ultimately it will include all of the countries of North and South America into one big non-descript region.  

The concept of it is exactly the same as the European Union.  In Europe it began as the Common Market.  Using the ploy of 'free trade' and the promise of increased prosperity, the people of Europe were persuaded to give up economic sovereignty to a higher level authority called the European Union.  Precisely the same thing is being done to the United States except that our spineless politicians and mainstream media are too cowardly to broach the subject in a straightforward manner.  Obviously the integration of the United States into a larger regional governance structure is treason.  It subverts the U.S. Constitution and it places the American people under the authority of an unelected, undemocratic governing structure that is hidden from the view of the people.

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